Grimmfest to Host Classic Horror Screenings This Halloween

The UK’s Grimmfest took place early this month in Manchester, but don’t worry if you missed it – they’re back with a series of classic horror screenings starting on HalloweenIt kicks off on Halloween night itself with a screening of Freidkin’s classic 1974 chiller The Exorcist at the Plaza in Stockport and continues the following day with a double bill of Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria and a pre UK release screening of horror -comedy-sleeper Excision at the The Dancehouse in Manchester.

On the 6th of November it’s back to Stockport for the final double bill featuring the remastered extended cut of Kubrick’s The Shining accompanied by “subjective documentary” Room 237 which explores hidden meanings of the Stanley’s classic.

For more info check out the GrimmFest site

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