Teenagers’ Directorial Debut a Tribute to Vintage VHS Horror

Now this has peaked my curiosity.  Check out the clip.

Wild Eye Releasing and Briarwood Entertainment are proud to present Slaughter Tales, the directorial debut of 15-year old horror sensation Johnny Dickie.

Paying homage to a format that had seen a long life (and was nearly dead) before he was born, Philadelphia writer / producer / director Johnny Dickie has fashioned a loving low budget anthology that captures the independent spirit and ingenuity of the handmade, limited distribution, shot on video horror movies from the 1980s and 90s. The films that corrupted his young soul inspired him to include practical and in-camera effects, and family and friends as his stars. Dickie displays a youthful, inspired enthusiasm for both the subject matter and VHS format.

The plot: A teenager steals a mysterious VHS tape and finds himself tormented by the spirits that are trapped inside the tape and the horrible film within. Ignoring all warnings, he watches the tape. What follows is a 90-minute fever dream horror anthology, where each story is worse than the last. But is this teen living out the worst story of them all? Slaughter Tales is more than just a bad movie, it is a video nightmare you can’t escape!

DVD Special Features include: Trailers, Behind the scenes featurette, Special Effects featurette, Audio Commentary with Johnny Dickie and Dan Kinem of VHShitfest.

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