Dean Koontz’s FRANKENSTEIN in development at TNT

The man who many call the “new master of horror” Dean Koontz had an awesome adaptation of Frankenstein published a few years back. Now the folks over at TNT want some Franky action and plan on doing just that. Read on for the details.

Per Deadline, feature writer James V. Hart (Dracula, Hook) and his son, Jake Hart, will write the project, a modern-day reworking of the classic Frankenstein mythology. It is set in present-day New Orleans and follows Victor Helios (Frankenstein) and his creation 200 years after they thought they killed each other in a battle in the Arctic. The creature has survived, and Victor has used science to keep himself alive – and they’re now in the same city unbeknownst to each other. Victor has engineered a new race of bizarre beings who answer to him, and when the creature learns that Victor is alive, an epic war ensues built on 200 years of pent-up rage, with New Orleans caught in the middle.

James Hart will executive produce alongside Koontz, whose books have sold more that 450 million copies worldwide, and 1019 Entertainment principals Terry Botwick and Ralph Winter. 1019 Entertainment acquired the rights to Koontz’s Frankenstein book series in 2010 for what was originally envisioned as a feature franchise series.

This is not the first time James Hart has tackled Frankenstein (although this will be his TV series debut); he has a story credit on the 1994 feature Frankenstein, based on Mary Shelley’s novel, which he also produced. Meanwhile, Hart credits his son, Jake, for coming up with the idea for the Peter Pan sequel Hook.


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