VISCERA Film Festival calls for entries and teams with photographer Joseph Hoffine

We just got word about this from our friends at the Viscera Film Festival and we couldn’t be happier for them. Read on for the goods and how to enter the festival as well.

Be sure to visit the official Viscera Film Festival websitefor the submission details. Knock ’em dead ladies!

From the Press Release
Now that Halloween is drawing near, female filmmakers working in genre cinema are stampeding to Viscera as it announces its 2013 festival call for submissions. Now through February 28, 2013 (culminating in Women in Horror Month), Viscera is accepting digital submissions for its 2013 festival season. Unlike most festivals, Viscera does not charge submission fees.

For filmmakers whose work is selected, gore-soaked masses of thrilling experiences await. During the Viscera Film Festival Bloody Carpet Event, filmmakers pose for photos and meet fans and fellow filmmakers as well as big-name celebrity guests. Films are screened in front of enthusiastic crowds (this past July Viscera screened at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles). Uniquely beautiful awards are given out, and there’s always an after party. But the Viscera World Tour is the real draw: Festival-selected films are shown around the world throughout the year. As every filmmaker knows, the more a film screens, the greater the opportunity is for furthering a career in the industry.

Although Viscera’s primary mission is to promote female filmmakers, the organization doesn’t believe in exclusion or domination, but in equality. Many men are co-directors/co-producers of the films programmed. Even scary little monsters (filmmakers age 18 and under) can gain support in their budding careers via Viscera’s Fresh Blood category.

Viscera Welcomes Hoffine
Childhood nightmares. Skinned corpses. Lovecraft. Jack the Ripper. All of these topics are fodder for Joshua Hoffine’s gruesome yet beautifully lit horror photography. So why have Hoffine and Viscera joined forces?

Viscera’s Founder and Chief Officer of Operations, Shannon Lark, explains: “We went with Hoffine’s work to represent the Viscera Film Festival this year because his photography captures an eerie beauty, conjuring a nostalgic feeling of horror that hits the human psyche with memories of childhood fears and reminds us of how deeply moving and vital the genre is for humans to express and share. The Viscera Organization’s festivals exploit the terrifying, the thrilling, and the fantastic with a vivid landscape of genre films by women. Hoffine’s depiction of the body, the soul, and the monstrosity of the imagination completely resonates with the mind-blowing work by female filmmakers who participate in the Viscera Film Festival.”

And what about that ghoulish woman lying among roses? “Persephone was a nature goddess who became Queen of the Underworld after being abducted by Hades. The myth of her abduction represents her role as the personification of vegetation – which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth in autumn. When she is in the Underworld, we experience winter. And when she visits the world, she brings with her spring, flowers, and the resurrection of life. As both a Goddess of Spring and the Queen of the Underworld – she exemplifies the tension between life and death,” Hoffine states. “As for Viscera, I proudly support emerging women filmmakers in the horror genre.”

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