The first episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead just finished 46 minutes ago, Eastern Standard Time. Curious as to what happened? Read on…

Last season on The Walking Dead, we saw Hershel’s farm overrun by walkers, and the tight-knit group of survivors were violently separated, and some even killed. We even saw the demise of Shane, and learned what Rick had been keeping to himself since their time at the CDC. Now that we know that all of the living are infected, the reality of death becomes more real. We pick up several months after the last episode, we see Lori is very pregnant, Carl has grown up more, and there is severe tension within the group. They are tired, survived a long, cold winter, and are very hungry. They long for a semi-permanent home where Lori can have her child, and they can relax and rest up. The group devises a strategy to slowly secure a prison they stumble upon, and make sure they are safe. After a mass zombie carnage, they set up camp inside the most secure block. Their next goal was to find the infirmary and kitchen, but are met with the rest of its inhabitants: zombie prisoners and prison guards. As they navigate the maze of hallways, they realize they bit off more than they can chew (pun intended). The last scene ended with a small twist ending, which sets up either a wonderful dynamic or a total disaster. We also got a few scenes of Michonne and Andrea. However, their relationship and their survival remains unknown for now. We also know Lori is close to delivering her baby, and tensions are high.


The questions are a-plenty even in the first episode. First of all, will Lori have her baby in the prison? Who’s baby is it–Shane or Rick’s? What is the relationship between Carol and Darryl? Who is Michonne and why does she have the zombie pets? So far, this episode was FANTASTIC. Remember, at the panel, I reported that there were more zombie killings in this first episode than the entire first season.


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