PARANORMAL WITNESS Recap – The Double-Header

No this isn’t about a two-headed ghost friendos.  This episode is split into two segments.  Read on!

Our first segment is named The Cabin.  It takes place in London, Ohio in the early eighties.  Keith, Diane and their young daughter Raven move into a remote house in the woods.  Diane and Raven are alone for at least 12 hours a day while Keith brings home the bacon, and money.  I know, bad joke.  Diane begins seeing yellow eyes staring back at her through the windows of their home.  She knows it isn’t a normal animal because the eyes are level with hers.  She tells Keith and of course…HE DOESN’T BELIEVE HER!  Shocker!

Things die down for a bit.  One month later Diane sees the eyes again.  She decides to turn all the lights off to level the playing field so to speak, is she nuts?!  That lady’s got balls!  She sees the eyes staring intently at her and calls the police.  They arrive and search the yard, Keith arrives shortly after.  The police tell Keith he may be dealing with NWS (Nervous Wife Syndrome).  Typical.

Four months later, at the end of November, Keith decides to make a donut run during the first big storm of the season.  I’m serious folks!  That’s the first thing I think of when it’s snowing hard.  Donuts!  Anyhoo…as Keith backs out he sees a set of glowing eyes in his rearview mirror.  He jumps out and sees a set of tracks going over the roof.  Totally freaked, he calls his friend Dennis to come look at the tracks with him.

The tracks are around fourteen inches in length and appear to have claws.  They follow the tracks for over two miles and come to a clearing where there is a tiny cabin.  The tracks lead right to the door of the cabin.  After pounding on the door and yelling a few expletives they decide to hide their guns and call Dennis’ dad to pick them up.  Daddy knows who owns the cabin.  A mysterious man named George who works at the local tire store.  Keith and David decide to take a tire to said store and the manager rolls the tire towards the back.  A very lanky man comes forward to pick it up and slowly lifts his head to look at the men.  As their eyes lock they see his hypnotizing golden eyes.  Instead of bringing the fixed tire back up George simply rolls the tire back out so the men don’t get a chance to look at him again.

Poor misunderstood werewolf George.

The segment ends with Dennis and Keith finding out that George has died.  They trek, along with a deputy, to the cabin.  There are no personal effects to be found.  The only thing of interest is a room that is covered in plated steel and features shackles.  There are hundreds of claw marks on the walls.  All three of the men think, but don’t say, that George may have been a werewolf.  The only thing George left behind was a jar full of silver dollars and he was buried in an unmarked grave in London, Ohio.  Rest in piece George.  That was kind of a downer wasn’t it?

The second segment is entitled Ghost In The Garden.  Everything takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Ray invites his son David, wife Kim and son Jackson to move into his home.  There is a small two hundred year old house on the property.  One of Ray’s aunts used to live in the old place.  Ray decides to pick things up a bit.  He begins in the kitchen where he finds his aunt’s cane.  As he is mopping he places the cane in a corner, and it flies onto the floor.  He then moves it to another location in the kitchen, and the same thing happens.

David has a workshop/garage that is hooked to the new house.  One day he is fitting a mailbox with a magnet.  He leaves after finishing and locks up the garage.  The next day as he is mowing the lawn he runs over something.  That’s right folks!  It’s the magnet.  He calls Ray out, and also grabs his video camera, and they find several other tools placed on the lawn.

Other strange occurrences include the stereo turning on full blast.  The TV also turns on by itself.  One afternoon David hears footsteps upstairs and investigates with his camera.  He sees a red-headed girl sitting on the stairs, and POOF! She’s gone.  He then sees the ginger ghost in the garden and ultimately chases her back to the old house.  Despite being freaked out David and his father look in the house again.  They find a very old photo of Jay’s aunts Lula and Petronia.  Petronia happened to be a redhead who had a very difficult life.  She was sickly and was almost completely blind by her teens.  Ray and David deduce that the ghost could possibly be Petronia.  They find comfort in the fact that perhaps she has manifested herself as a child ghost because that was when she was happiest.

Well that one ended a little happier didn’t it?  You can catch PARANORMAL WITNESS Wednesday nights on Syfy.  You can also catch previous episodes On Demand and on Netflix.  Let me know what you thought!  Thanks for reading friendos!

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