Ahlephia’s Top 13 Urban Legends

Welcome back to another Top 13 list.  Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, here to take you on a journey through a group of stories that we all know and have heard before…

If you’ve been an avid reader of Truly Disturbing, you would have noticed Truly Disturbing Tales in which I’ve been a rather large contributor.  Most of my stories have come from urban legends.  And that got me thinking….

We’ve all heard the stories before.  We know what happens.  But which ones are the scariest?

I’ve managed to compile a Top 13 list of urban legends that are a must to tell after dark.  Now remember, since these are urban legends, there are many variations.  I, myself, have written these particular stories with different ends to what others may know.  If you’ve heard differently to what is written here, please inform us in the comment box below.  I would love to hear from you, and what stories you think are truly terrifying.

Without further ado, let’s dim the lights and begin..

13)  Humans Can Lick Too

Most often told about a young woman and her dog, this legend begins with our victim lying in bed.  Whenever she gets scared, she places her hand down beside her bed and if her dog licks it, then she knows she’s safe.

One night she wakes due to a constant dripping noise.  She puts her hand down and it’s licked so she rolls over and goes back to sleep.  But the dripping continues and eventually she stumbles into her bathroom to see her dog hanging in the shower and written on the mirror in dried blood is “Humans Can Lick Too.”

12) The Killer In The Back Seat

This one causes many people to check the back seat before climbing into a car and has so many versions it’s hard to decided which one to show you.  Plus I’ve had the pleasure of writing my own version of it.  Once again, the story seems to focus around a young woman.  This time she’s driving, usually heading home, when either she pulls over for gas (as shown in the movie Urban Legend) or a car comes up behind her, flashing its high beams.

Once she pulls up at home, the driver of the other car informs her to call the police.  When the police arrive, they discover a man in the back seat.

11) Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Lights

This one is a personal favorite of mine as I’ve written a version of this entitled The Roommate.  The basic premise of this is two people living together, most likely on a college campus.  One of them leaves for a party, the other stays home.  The one that left, returns to the room to grab a jacket, or sweater or to drop something off, but seeing as they don’t want to wake their roommate, they don’t bother turning on the lights.

The next morning, upon awaking, the roommate who went out notices that their roommate is still ‘asleep’.  But as they move closer they can see that their roommate has been butchered and written on the wall in their blood are the chilling words, “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Lights.”

10) Buried Alive

This story, depending on version, can be quite chilling.  It usually involves either an elderly person or a young woman who a pronounced dead and thus buried.  Now this is where it gets a little fuzzy.  Some versions have the spouse of the buried partner waking after a vivid dream while others have a bell upon the surface of the grave that jingles.

In any event, the end of the story sees the body exhumed and the coffin open to reveal the dead body with a face twisted in terror and blood hands with their nails either bent back or completely destroyed from scratching at the lid of their coffin.

9) The Hook Man

This is one of my more recent stories and is the starting premise of the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.  (Fun Fact: This story is told by Freddie Prinze Jr. in IKWYDLS as the other characters chime in with the version that they heard)

Basically, an escaped killer, or in some cases mental patient, has a hook for a hand and is lurking near a popular make-out spot for teens.  The girl gets freaked out, the boyfriend gets pissed off with her and peels out of the area, squealing the tires.  But when he drops off his girlfriend, they realize just how lucky they were.  For hanging on the passenger side door was a bloody hook.

8) The Clown Statue

This urban legend is a story I just released.  It has many variations, but one thing is always a common theme.  It involves a babysitter.  Sometimes the clown is a midget who has gone undetected in the house for some time.  Other times the clown is a killer, sporting a large butcher’s knife.  And in some rare cases, the clown is even a pedophile who has  been molesting the children while the parents sleep.

Whatever the variation you chose, this just proves one thing; Clowns are pure evil.

7) The Boyfriend’s Death

This urban legend has been told numerous times, and even I’ve taken a crack at it here on Truly Disturbing, entitling my version as Lover’s Point.  Boy and girl are making out.  Boyfriend has to relive himself so he gets out.  After a few minutes, the girl hears a scratching, dripping or, in some cases, a squeaking sound on the roof of the car.

Depending on the version you heard, will change the ending.  If the girl heard squeaking, she’ll start the car, trying to take off, only to have the car stop after a few feet.  As she puts it in reverse her boyfriend comes crashing down.  He was hung.  If she hears scratching, it’s his nails on the roof of the car.  If she hears dripping, his throat was slashed.  You chose the scare.

6) Skinned Tom

A story warning men of an adulterous woman, Skinned Tom appears only to men who are in the presence of a married woman.

After meeting a lovely lady at a bar, Tom was smitten and for months he referred to her as his girlfriend.  When it was revealed that she was married, her husband killed Tom, stabbing him in the stomach before skinning his beautiful features from his face, leaving him for dead.  Now Tom acts as a warning, appearing to those who find themselves in the same situation that he was in.

5) The Kidney Heist

A guy picks up a girl at a bar one night.  She fixes him a drink.  Boom, he’s out like a light.  When he comes to, he’s in a bathtub full of ice and one of his kidney’s has been removed.

Not a nice way to remember a date, that’s for certain.  Some variations of this story have it happening in a hotel or a woman being the victim.

4) The Slender Man

Also known as Slender or The Slim Man, this story is designed to scare children, although later variations will have him stalking teenagers.  Greatly appearing as a tall, slender man in a black or grey suit, he is hard to describe because he has no features at all.  No eyes, no nose, no face of any kind.  His height ranges from 6 feet tall to 15 feet and yet when he appears on video, he appears between 6 and 7 feet.

As for what he does, only his victims know for certain…

3) A Helpful Stranger

This one is a disturbing tale about going with your intuition.  A man offers his help to a woman whose car has gotten a flat tire.  Once it’s changed, the man refuses to accept payment, instead asking for a ride to either his home or his car.  The woman, feeling a little uneasy, refuses and goes for help.

When she returns to her car with either a security guard or police, she discovers that the man has gone but he’s left his briefcase or bag beside the car.  Inside the bag/briefcase is some rope, a knife and the missing valve from the woman’s tire….

2) The Hitchhiker

This one is a story that everyone has heard before.  A man driving down the road sees a woman walking in the dead of the night.  She’s wet and asks if he can take her room.  He agrees, letting her into his car and wrapping her up in either a blanket or his jacket.

Once he gets to her house, he realizes she’s gone.  Disappeared.  Upon knocking on the door, he learns that the woman had died many years ago and every year on the same night she tries in vein to get home.

1) Bloody Mary

The number one urban legend that everyone has heard of (and most have probably tried) is Bloody Mary.  Say her name a certain number of times into a mirror and she supposedly comes, clawing your face, scratching out your eyes.  In my version of the story, she possesses the person who called her, becoming a vengeful killer.

Whatever way you look at it, Bloody Mary is without a doubt one of the most popular urban legends in history.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to summon her.  Where’s my mirror….?

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