The Zombie Invasion Is Coming

We all know that the world won’t end because of the Mayan Calendar….It will end because the undead will rise up and take control, sending us straight to hell.  But here’s a way to avoid what’s coming…

A new app has just been launched called Zombie Invasion, which aims to show people where the undead’s locations are, giving users an insight to where they can seek refuge or begin a zombie killing spree.  To quote their site, “Ever wondered what human flesh tastes like?  Use the map to find the towns and cities near you that are beyond help and infested with spooky subhumans! It’s up to you to keep track of the zombulation…  Use the map to save yourself!  The zombie heat map is the only way you can keep track of the infestation from Newcastle to Newquay.  Zoom in on your region and find out just how bad the damage is in your local area using the key provided! You might just have enough time to prepare yourself…

A nifty little idea and, although Zombie Invasion specifically targets the UK, you can zoom in and around the ports to discover if the infection is spreading on a global scale and is heading your way.  At this moment, I’m proud to say Australia is 100% safe so feel free to come Down Under.  Then you only have to worry about poisonous snakes, spiders, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Mick Taylor, me….

There’s even a step by step guide to help you through the incoming Apocalypse that include gems like purchase a great pair of sneakers and, in the ultimate worse case scenario, dress yourself up like a zombie and pray to God that their sense of smell is still dead.  After all, an actual ‘living’ zombie clearly smells better than a rotting corpse….one would hope.

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