Netflix TV Show of the Month – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

Hello friendos!  Sorry for the delay but I just had too much fun watching the show to bring you my Top Ten Funniest episodes!  Read on…

Since I simply can’t pick my absolute favorite funny episode I am going to list these by season and episode.

10.  Halloween S 2/Ep 6 –

Buffy and co. head to a strange costume store, owned by the nefarious Ethan Rayne who just so happens to have cast a spell so everyone turns into their costumes.  Xander becomes an Army guy, Willow turns into a ghost and Buffy hilariously becomes an 18th century maiden who faints whenever a vamp or demon comes along.

Xander’s got a gun and he knows how to use it…for now.

9.  Band Candy S 3/Ep 6 –

The gang is forced to study for their SATs and sell candy to get the band spiffy new uniforms.  The only problem is the candy is cursed!  It turns all the adults in Sunnydale into unruly teens.  Watch for Giles and Joyce getting it on…on the hood of a police car.  Hellarious!

8.   Living Conditions S 4/Ep 2 –

This episode proves that roommates can be a real bitch.  Buffy finds herself at odds with her dorm mate Kathy.  After being forced to listen to Cher nonstop and catching Kathy dripping ketchup on her favorite sweater Buffy begins to lose it in front of the Scoobies.  She insists that Kathy is a soul sucking demon, not just because of the nightmares she’s been having, but because she collected her toe nails to give to Giles for testing.  Sounds crazy but they kept growing after being clipped.  Right before the gang put her in an asylum for her increasingly bizarre behavior they find out that Buff was right all along.

“Don’t forget to log your calls!”

7.  Fear Itself S 4/Ep 4 –

Yes another Halloween episode.  It is my favorite holiday you know!  Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz are invited to a party at a frat house where one of the brothers has painted a symbol on the floor, blood is spilled and everything in the house, fake skeletons, bats and spiders, all become real.  Anya, invited by Xander was told to dress as the scariest thing she could think of.  Her choice?  A rabbit, and I agree with her!  The house seals itself off and it’s up to Giles and Anya to find a way in to save the game from a demon called Gachnar.  They finally make it in and Buffy swiftly destroys the seal, which she had no idea would unleash the terror demon.  He emerges and is about six inches tall.  In Giles’ book under the pic of Gachnar it says “actual size” written in Latin.

6.  Hush S 4/Ep 10 –

This episode isn’t all funny, it’s mostly terrifying thanks to demons The Gentlemen.  This is one of the best episode of the entire series.  The Gentlemen steal the voices of everyone in Sunnydale and they rip the hearts out of their victims.  The funny part of this one is when the Scoobies are trying to figure out firstly, how to communicate and secondly, how to kill the Gents.  In a classroom Giles sets up a projector and draws pictures of what they look like, Buffy makes a hand motion as if she is staking someone, but the gesture also looks like something else…if you get my drift.  That scene alone is why this is on the list.

“Did you see that gesture Buffy made with her hand?! Sexy!”

5.  Restless S 4/Ep 22 –

Yes season four was the funny season for me.  After the gang defeats freak of nature Adam Giles, Buffy, Xander and Willow decide to take it easy and watch some movies at home.  One by one they all fall asleep and have first hilarious, bizarre dreams and then they become terrifying.  Xander’s dream takes the cake as far as funny business goes.  In the beginning he is in an APOCALYPSE NOW situation with the former principal playing Brando’s role.  Next Joyce propositions him in a negligee, he drives an ice cream truck with Anya as Willow and Tara are sexy sexy in the back, and funniest of all he sees Giles and Spike on a swing set.  Spike tells Xander that Giles is training him to be a watcher.  Giles has the funniest line as he tells Spike to swing higher because “A watcher scoffs at gravity!”.

4.  The Replacement S 5/Ep 3 –

A demon who is aiming for Buffy accidentally zaps Xander and he becomes two versions of himself, one is the slob Xander and the other is successful Xander.  Luckily no split screen was used because Nicholas Brendon has an identical twin Kelly Donovan, how convenient!  It is just fun to watch as original Xander tries to convince the gang that he is the real thing.

“Finally someone I can relate to!”

3.  Once More With Feeling S 6/Ep 7 –

While this episode reveals that Buffy, who was resurrected by the gang, feels she was ripped out of heaven, how can I leave it out with all the fantastic musical numbers.  I especially love the group in the beginning where one man is thrilled that the dry cleaners got the mustard stain out of his shirt.  Also Giles and Spike have really great voices.  Rock on boys!  Buffy also has a psychedelic sixties dance number where she really works it out.

2.  Tabula Rasa S 6/Ep 8 –

Willow tries to make Buffy forget that she was in heaven and make Tara forget that she is mad at her for using too much magic.  What she ends up doing is making the whole gang forget who they are., including Spike, who is being chased by a loan shark, a literal shark in a shiny suit.  Everyone ends up at the Magic Box and then fall asleep.  When they wake up the fun begins.  Giles and Spike assume that they are father and son because they both have an English accent.  Spike also forgets a crucial fact, that he is a vampire!

“My name is Randy Giles? Why not just call me Horny Giles?!”

1.  Him S 7/Ep 6 –

There was not much fun to be had in Season 7 what with the Ubervamps and Caleb so this episode was a welcome reprieve.  Dawn becomes obsessed with the quarterback, so obsessed that she pushes one of his teammates down the stairs when he is rude to the heart throb.  Soon all of the girls, Buffy, Anya and even Willow are also smitten.  They all try to impress him in hilarious ways.  Buffy goes to blow up Principal Wood, Anya robs a bank and Willow starts a spell to turn him into a girl.  Xander and Spike save the day by literally ripping the enchanted jacket off the guy and burning it.

Well that’s it kids.  Hope you enjoyed.  What are some of your fave episodes?  Let me know pretty please! 

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