Do you dare answer THE STRANGE CALLS?

Imagine yourself, sitting alone in a quiet room. All of a sudden the phone rings in a darkened corner of your house. This ring breaks the deafening  silence that surrounded you. You pick up the receiver…you have just answered  The Strange Calls.

According to Deadline “Strange Calls,” a half-hour comedy from writer Donick Cary (“New Girl”), director Ruben Fleisher (Zombieland) and producer Aaron Kaplan (“The Neighbors”), has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment.

Based on an Australian series — which coincidentally also airs on ABC (Australia’s ABC2) – “Strange Calls” centers on good-hearted, bumbling Boston cop Toby Banks, who is exiled to night duty on Nantucket island, where strange, unexplainable occurrences become the norm nine months out of the year. Working out of a creaky lighthouse on the outskirts of town, he is teamed with Gregor, the eccentric lighthouse keeper and local paranormal authority. The two make an unlikely crimefighting duo dealing with the “strange calls” that come into the station at night.

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