Dexter: Episode 2 review (SPOILERS)

Dexter rolled in again this past Sunday night to give us our weekly dose of serial killer instinct. Read on for my review of this week’s episode.

Hey guys, first of all, sorry I didn’t have a chance to post this yesterday. I was busy at work, and then I was out of internet range the rest of the night 🙁 Boo for no free wifi 🙁  Now on  to my weekly Dexter review!
Well, for those who can’t remember last week, we were left off with one question: Will Deb turn Dexter in? This week, Dexter tried to mentally prepare for the worst: getting arrested and found out for what he truly is. We saw in Episode 1 that he had a “go bag” ready in his car should he need to flee the country. Last week we also saw that Louis, Jamie’s boyfriend/Masuka’s old intern, was proving to become a thorn in Dexter’s side.

This week, we believed that Dexter’s stern talk with Louis (does Dexter do stern?! more like scary the heck outta him!) finished Louis’ obsession. However, toward the end of the episode, we see that Louis may not through with Dexter. We also see Deb’s decision to try and  “cure” him of his urges. This makes Deb more human than cop (this is something we haven’t seen since Deb was with Anton and at the beginning with Quinn). At this point in the season we are unsure who Dexter’s seasonal enemy is this time around: the Ukranian mob (which Dexter so far has had little contact with) or Louis. Or is it himself? There are a lot of unanswered questions as of now. Especially with Capt. LaGuerta, since she found Dexter’s fallen blood slide of Travis. This gives her hope to clear Sgt Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher, and to put the real Butcher behind bars. Maybe this is the last season for Laurent Velez (who plays Capt. Laguerta)?

I only have 1 issue so far this season: we see more of Jamie (Dexter’s babysitter) than we actually see of Harrison! Also, please bring back Cody and Astor! Its like Rita never happened!! No mention of Rita either!!

Every Monday, I will post my feedback and small synopsis of Sunday’s episodes of Dexter. Stay tuned for what will unfold.

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