Rob Cohen talks the MONSTER SQUAD remake and gives insight to its delay

Rob Cohen was the producer  of the 1987 classic Monster Squad. Below he talks about how he would like to  direct the remake and why the film is in production limbo. Read on for the goods.

Our friends over at caught up with Rob Cohen over the weekend and he had this to say about the Monster Squad.

“[The original] is one of the best things I’ve ever produced and I wanted to direct [the remake],” he says. “…It’s sitting at Paramount. It’s a great script. I’ve been kicking them. Michael Bay has been kicking them. They don’t roll over… I don’t understand it. I’m hoping that one day we just get a call that they’ve finally seen the light of day.”

As to when the project might move forward, Cohen is optimistic.

“It happens all the time,” he says. “They get onto something and they go, ‘The biggest audience we can get is young males between 12 and 16. What do you have that’s for young males between 12 and 16?’ Somebody says, ”Monster Squad’! Let’s do it! Let’s do ‘Monster Squad’!’ It’s that crazy.”

Here’s hoping that IF and WHEN the remake does see the light of day, it is as memorable as the original(not bloody likely).


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