A television show geared specifically to horror fans and made by horror fans? Too good to be true you say? Not in the slightest. Holliston delivers and we tell you why.

Holliston: The Complete First Season (2012)

Written and Directed By: Adam Green

Stars: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Dee Snider,Laura Ortiz,Corrie English, and David Brockie.

Distributed By: Image Entertainment

Format: Blu-Ray

Adam Green and Joe Lynch are some of the most well known, newer horror directors around. They have done to horror what many have yet to accomplish in a long time. They make it fun! Yes friends, horror can be fun and scary at the same time.I digress from the main reason behind this article. Is Holliston worth spending money on? Short answer, hell yes!


Adam (Green) and Joe (Joe Lynch) are two down-on-their-luck aspiring horror film makers trying to break out of their hometown of Holliston, Massachusetts, and into the Hollywood mainstream. If that’s not enough they have girlfriends to deal with too.  Joe’s  demented, yet quite adorable  girlfriend Laura (Laura Ortiz, The Hills Have Eyes) joins Adam’s ex – and greatest heartbreak of his life – Corri (Corri English, Unrest) in rounding out the ensemble cast.  The show takes the traditional American sitcom and flips it on its head.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch play average guys. Guys you would see at horror conventions, guys you would see drinking a beer at the local bar on a Friday, guys who YOU would want to have a beer with on a Friday night. Never do they come off pompous or over bearing. This aspect of the show is one I have to tip my hat to. Actresses Laura Ortiz and Corri English bring their acting chops to the ring as well and sometimes are even more interesting than Adam and Joe. Their acting is never too dramatic but can really tug on the heart strings if necessary. Dee Snider who plays the guys boss, kicks you in the throat  with his 18inch platform shoes an never lets up that rock n roll is here to stay! My personal favorite character is of course Oderus Urungus(Dave Brockie). He plays Adam’s imaginary friend and lives in his closet. Oderus is great for the simple fact that he says what we all are thinking…but just dare not say.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the shows guest stars are many and plentiful. Such horror staples as Kane Hodder,Danielle Harris,Tony Todd, and Derek Mears (to name a few) lend their talents (and sometimes fists) to the show and make it that much more enjoyable.

There are horror movie references galore in Holliston. What is great too is that one doesn’t have to be a die-hard horror fan to enjoy the overall comedy of Holliston.  Sight gags and great comedic timing make this show a joy to watch. It was easy to zoom through this whole set and enjoy every minute of it.

The special features for Holliston are just as impressive as the show. Commentary, behind the scenes footage, and even an alternative ending to the series are highlighted. After one watches the entire series, I highly recommend sitting down again and watching all the special features.

The Blu-Ray’s presentation is crisp and clear with very minor(if any) flaws. Background noise is at a minimum and your surround sound does get a nice work out when the heavy metal soundtrack kicks in to transition from scene to scene. Overall, the presentation that Image Entertainment has done for this release is superb.

Adam Green has really given fans something they can sink their teeth into and we hope and pray that Holliston will be around for a long time.

Holliston: The Complete First Season lands on store shelves October 9th. We highly recommend it.



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