Truly Disturbing takes a eerie AMERICAN HORROR STORY themed Hollywood tour

We had the awesome opportunity to tour the spookier side of Hollywood thanks to the folks at Fox Home Entertainment and American Horror Story. Read on to see what happened and who joined us.

The publicity event took place at the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery and commemorated the release of American Horror Story on Blu-Ray and DVD. We knew this was going to be an epic evening after a tour bus from “Dearly Departed” pulls up to take us deep into Hollywood’s underbelly. For those that do not know of Dearly Departed, they are the premier “murder site” tour in Los Angeles.

We were fortunate enough to be among the “A Team” tour. This included a private tour from actor David Anthony Higgins who played “Stan” the tour guide from the show.  He entertained everyone on board with stories about the production of American Horror Story as well as some classic tales of murder along the way. Also along for the ride was a special guest(pictured right). He was cordial but very quiet for some reason. This scared a few that were on board the tour but we were not shaken one bit. Kudos to Fox for adding him to each tour.

We arrive at the shows “Murder House”. It is just as spooky in person as in the show. We took a few photos and had fun talking with David Anthony Higgins some more before being loaded back on the tour bus and heading back to the publicity event.

Our guide drops us back at Hollywood Forever where we admittedly got a little buzzed on wine and vodka before the Masonic Temple opened up. We’re led to a giant stage area lit like an a religious film where Fox reps give out copies of American Horror Story: The Complete First Season to randomly selected audience members.

“Dearly Departed” guide Scott Michaels took the stage with magician Tom Ogden for a more in depth talk about famous Hollywood tragedies and  haunted locations; the main discussion being about the infamous Elizabeth Short case ( this was one of the few real-life murders  “American Horror Story” used in the show). What struck me as extremely interesting is the fact that, no matter what, the infamous “Black Dahlia Murder” will NEVER be solved since every piece of evidence has been stolen including the original autopsy reports.

Next up was “renowned” psychic medium Lisa Williams(TLC’s Life Among The Dead) who regaled the audience with real life cold readings and stories of “ghost sex”. On that note, we stepped out of the auditorium. We are all about the spooky and eerie but when sex with spirits, and Ouija board talk comes into play, we bow out. We don’t take much stock in this type of spiritualism.

After eating some amazing grilled cheese buffalo and bleu cheese sandwiches we returned to the auditorium to catch David Anthony Higgins take the stage to answer more questions. Higgins previewed one of the bonus features from the upcoming Blu-ray – a featurette where his characters gives an inside tour of the infamous “murder house”. The night ended with a screening of the pilot on Blu-ray to a very happy and intoxicated crowd.

Fun was had by all and the event was one we will never forget. See folks, inventive publicity stunts really do work!

Be sure to check out the next season of American Horror Story entitled Asylum coming back to FX on October 18th.

“American Horror Story” The Complete First Season is now available on DVD & Blu-ray.





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