TV Review – 666 PARK AVENUE

How did I feel about ABC’s new show?  Well read on to find out friendos!

Where to begin?  First I have to admit something that perhaps makes me a bit biased.  I cannot stand Vanessa Williams.  Now that that’s off my chest let’s delve into this bad boy.

Our story centers around the Drake Apartments, a luxury complex on posh Park Avenue.  It begins with a male violinist playing with a full orchestra.  I will give the show this, the symphony music was quite beautiful.  While he plays, his hands are bleeding profusely as Mr. and Mrs. Doran watch on in the audience.  The Doran’s are played by the fantastic Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams, and we know how I feel about that.  After the concert the violinist returns to the Drake Apartments and finds Mr. Doran in his apartment.  He begs for another year, of exceptional violin playing I assume, and Doran refuses him.  The violinist runs from his apartment and is sucked into some ornate doors in side the Drake.

The Drake…would you sell your soul to live here?

Enter our young idealistic couple Jane and Henry, played by Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable respectively.  These are two good lookin’ kids who saw an ad on Craig’s List for an in-house managerial position.  Craig’s List?!  This cannot end well.  They are given the job and the budding relationship between Henry and Jane and the Dorans reminds me of the plot of THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.  Mrs. Doran picks out a very expensive dress for Jane to wear to another symphony that they have invited them to.  Mr. Doran plays it more cool by taking Henry golfing.  The comparison continues because Henry happens to be a hot shot young lawyer and while on the links they run into a not so happy man who confronts Doran about short changing him with the sale of a business.  Henry just happens to be connected with the case.

“Stop touching me Vanessa! Your hands feel like salad tongs!”

As Jane and Henry enjoy their new apartment, which I would sell my soul for by the way, Jane who has a penchant for preserving historical architecture begins sticking her nose into things.  She goes to the library to research a mosaic dragon that she finds in the basement.  And surprise of surprises she finds a picture of hooded figures standing around said dragon.  Even though Jane has second thoughts about being a manager, she and Henry are shown signing their contracts in slo-mo in the final scene of the episode.  That can’t be good either!

I really wanted to like this show, Vanessa Williams aside, because it has potential.  It was even touted as being like THE SHINING.  Well not in the pilot for heaven and hell’s sakes!  As minor characters are introduced, I couldn’t really care less about them.  A better approach may have been to start at a slow burn and build them up so I could care if they sell their souls and get sucked into the building or not.  The show wants desperately to be creepy but fails miserably.  Everything is predictable and pedestrian to me.  I’ll give it another shot but in the mean time friendos, I have to get back to my altar and pray for AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM to start.  Let me know what you thought of the show if you please!

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