Yes, that’s right.  The hottest vampire feature on the net is now available to take home on DVD.  Read on for the details.

BLOOD AND BONE CHINA, starring Rachel Shenton, is a feature length Gothic Victorian vampire film that has been broadcast on the internet in 12 bite-size pieces.

Partly inspired by a vampire related death that took place in Stoke-on-Trent in 1972, which saw a man, who feared for his life, absolute that vampires did indeed exist.  He filled a room with talismans and tokens in hopes of turning away demonic creatures.  Sadly he went missing soon after and his landlady called the police who promptly broke down his door to his room.  He was found lying in his bed; he had choked to death on garlic.

Now that sounds like a story that one could sink their teeth into.  And I must say, I’ve been a viewer of it online for some time.  It’s addictive. 

It is 1897 and a city is in turmoil; poor souls are being taken, vanishing without a trace.  When the local doctor disappears, word travels to his brother, a young country vet by the name of Newlyn Howell.  Spurred on to discover the macabre truth by the enigmatic Alexander Pyre, Newlyn stumbles into a twisted web of deception, murder… and villainous vampires.

BLOOD AND BONE CHINA can be purchased from the BLOOD AND BONE CHINA store online and comes in two editions; Standard and Signed.  Special features include the Theatrical Trailer and documentary ‘The Vampire of the Villas’, which explores the real life events in Stoke-on-Trent that inspired BLOOD AND BONE CHINA.

The Signed edition features autographs from Rachel Shenton, Anthony Miles,  John James Woodward, David Lemberg, Lara De-Leuw, Lewis Brindley and director Chris Stone.

It can be purchased here

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