Independent Film News: SLEDGE – Images and Synopsis from writer Kristian Hanson


Kristian Hanson has given us a look at his new film Sledge. Check out the trailer and synopsis below.

Sledge: A True American Horror Story hits you from the beginning with originality. From the skull crushing death, to the killer, Adam Lynch, who in his psyche believes he is living in a movie and video game world. With each kill, he adds to his collection, which happens to be the faces of his victims. As a new group of people show up to the secluded rental camp ground, Adam meticulously watches them all to see if any is worth sparing their life. With Alex (Dustin Bowman) as the funny guy, Sarah (Stephanie Tupper) the girl Alex wants to be with, Nash (Russ Matoes) the pansy boyfriend who takes the insults Alex dishes at him, Shawn (Travis Hanson) the dimwitted friend and Michelle (Desiree Holmes) the girlfriend of Shawn, they begin their camping trip with fun, booze and sex, all the pieces needed for a good horror movie. When the sun rises on the next day however, that is when the death begins and people begin to die, one by one in gruesome and hilarious ways. Sledge is a Horror Comedy not seen before, and will leave you screaming with fear and laughter as you leave the theater. Adam Lynch (Kristian Hanson) is one killer, you don’t want to mess with.

SLEDGE: A True American Horror Story from John Sovie II on Vimeo.

Cast List:
Alex- Dustin Bowman
Sarah- Stephanie Tupper
Shawn- Travis Hanson
Michelle- Desiree Holmes
Nash- Russ Matoes
Adam Lynch- Kristian Hanson

Directed By: John Sovie II & Kristian Hanson

Written by: Kristian Hanson

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