PRESS RELEASE: VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL Announces Call for Submissions is OPEN!

Good news horror fans the VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL has announced its 2013 festival call for submissions! 

Since 2007 VISCERA FILM FEST has based itself upon a specific mission statement… To promote some of the best horror films created by female filmmakers today. Year after year they put out the blood and gore soaked films to honor our ladies of horror. What makes this organization even more amazing is the fact that they are non-profit, which means no pesky submission fees. Of course their number 1 goal is to get the recognition out there for female filmmakers, but they are not ones to exclude. Men have been know to take on a Co-director or Co-producer role, but overall this wonderful event was made to celebrate all that is woman. Heck they even feature Fresh Blood Category which is aimed specifically towards filmmakers 18 and under. Get your kids started early fiends!

From October 1, 2012-February 28, 2013 VISCERA will be accepting digital submissions for its 2013 festival season. For more information on the event you can check out VISCERA’S website at Be sure to check back here at your home base for horror Truly for all your horror needs!

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