The directors behind GRAVE ENCOUNTERS may tackle Alien Abduction in next film

The brothers Vicious, as they like to be called, scared the jeepers out of you with Grave Encounters. Now it turns out they may be getting into space travel next. Read on for the details.


 Crave Online, revealed they may helm The Visitors next.  Read their description of the film.

In their chat with Crave, the Vicious Brothers said:

“We can’t tell you a whole lot, but suffice it to say it’s a sci-fi, kind of alien abduction horror film called The Visitors that we’re pretty close now to closing the financing on. Hopefully before the end of the year, hoping to shoot it very early next year. It’s way different than Grave Encounters, just in a sense that Grave Encounters is found footage and is very rough around the edges, and was intentionally made to look like it was amateur at times, like that was […] not being filmed by professionals. Whereas The Visitors, whereas it has a few little found footage elements, it’s primarily a more classic kind of cinematic style movie. So I think it’s going to be totally different.”

Will they be able to bring the spooky the way they did with Grave Encounters? Here’s hoping.




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