The time has come! DEXTER Season 7 Episode 1 Review

Showtime’s hit show, Dexter, returned for its 7th Season last night. It was killer. Read on for more! Be careful, as there are SPOILERS…


Last night millions of fans tuned into the much awaited premier of their favorite serial killer show. Dexter left fans with  a massive cliffhanger in the  finale of Season 6. For those who have seen it, in the last scene we saw Deb walking in on Dexter killing Travis, the Doomsday Killer. Throughout the year, we had no idea, and no teasers until a bit before the season premiere to give us any clue as to what might happen. As a recap, Season 6 focused on The Doomsday Killer, which was a serial killer who orchestrated his ornate killings based on The Book of Revelations.

It’s very possible that Season 6 might possible have been one of the most visual seasons so far in regards to the sets. The cliffhanger made most of us avid fans question if Deb would turn in Dexter? Would Dexter kill Deb now that she saw him? Would Dexter make Deb like him? Hopefully we will see that in this new Season. Returning again were the usual crowd of characters: Capt. LaGuerta, Sgt. Batista, Quinn, Masuka, the new detective Mike, Jaime (Dexter’s babysitter) and her boyfriend, Louis. We know that Dexter has many obstacles to overcome this season: Deb, Louis (whom Dexter has already had some run-ins with), and the new killer. Also, new this season we see that Dexter’s enemies have gone global. Fans only hope that this proves to be one of the best seasons yet as the only person closest to him knows about his “dark passenger.”

However, as of now, she does not know how deep his dark passenger lies, and how long he’s been doing this. Many fans were unsure how this season would go, especially after Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter’s divorce. Many fans speculated that after their divorce, the chemistry between Deb and Dexter would change drastically, but so far, we don’t see anything too strained besides the scripted strain between their characters.

Stay tuned for my reviews on Dexter throughout the season!

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