EVENT REPORT: 2012 Universal Eyegore Awards with Exclusive Interviews

As the day fell into night we made our way to the 2012 EYEGORE AWARDS armed with a camera, a microphone, and a smile. Everybody was scattered about ready to snag an interview or photo of this years guests and honorees. You couldn’t help but absorb the excitement that was exuding from everybody there. Everyone was there to honor and celebrate the highlights in the world of horror for 2012.

Among the honorees was Guillermo Del Toro director of “PAN’S LABYRINTH” and the Executive Producer of Universal’s upcoming supernatural thriller “MAMA”. Also being honored was actor Chad Michael Murray for his role in “HOUSE OF WAX” as well as his upcoming role in “THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA”. Actors Silas Weir Mitchell and Bitsie Tulloch accepted an award on behalf of the hit TV show “GRIMM”. Mother and daughter Angelica Maria and Angelica Vale received the Eyegore Award for their performance in “MUJERES ASESINAS 2”. Heading up this years award ceremony was host of SyFy’s reality show “FACEOFF” McKenzie Westmore. McKenzie’s MC skills were straight forward and much like her hosting in “FACEOFF” added a dose of pep. The ceremony itself was quick and to the point which gave us here at Truly Disturbing a chance to snag a few interviews for our horror fiends to see. We caught up with a couple of staples in the horror industry on the Eyegore’s red carpet.

As guests made their way down that rouge carpet we were able to record some footage of our Editor in chief delivering one of his world class interviews. We caught up with our friend Director Mike Mendez who has directed such gems as the stylistic horror films “THE GRAVEDANCERS” and “THE CONVENT”. We talked to Mike about his current movie he is working on aptly titled “MEGASPIDER” or as Mike himself referred to… “BIG ASS SPIDER”. We also got a chance to catch up with horror icon Bill Moseley who has appeared in the horror road film “THE DEVIL’S REJECTS” as well as it’s grind house predecessor “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES”. Right off the bat you could see the horror roots which Bill has rooted himself in, as we ask him about his Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 shirt and his opinion on the blu-ray transfer. He is a bit skeptical of the blu-ray transfer on old horror classics such as the Texas Chainsaw films, because he feels the look of the film is what added to the scares. We do have to agree nothing says scary like having to search through a grainy filter trying to make out the gory details. We talked with actor and writer Todd Farmer, who has written and acted in such films as “DRIVE ANGRY”, “JASON X”, and “MY BLOODY VALENTINE”, just to name a few. In the interview we got to talk to Todd about the now defunct HELLRAISER reboot that he was attached to and his future prospects.We then spoke with Friday The 13th remake star Derek Mears, who played the antagonist Jason Voorhees, he stopped by to talk to us about everything from jello shots to his current return to “HOLLISTON”.

Katie Featherston known for her starring role in the independent phenomenon “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” dropped by to talk to us about her future projects. We tried to pry out whether or not she’s involved in the upcoming 4th installment of the “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” series but mums the word.

Truly Disturbing friend John Murdy stopped by, wolf man cain in hand, to talk about his passion and vision that was ready to debut later that evening.

Overall the event was a good precursor to the Halloween Horror nights event later that evening and gave us a good chance to catch up with some old fiends. Thank you to Universal Studios Hollywood for putting on this event and providing us with the chance to interview some great people. Thank you to Bill Moseley, Katie Featherston, Mike Mendez, Todd Farmer, Derek Mears, and John Murdy for providing us with the exclusive interviews. Be sure to visit Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year and for more information you can check out their website here.

We’ve put together a series of video interviews which will be available on Truly Disturbing’s You Tube channel shortly. Our You tube channel can be found here. After watching this interview be sure to post your comments on our Facebook page here or just stop by to say hi or die. Now we leave you with Video #1 of 6 starring director Mike Mendez and our Editor in chief talking Big Ass Spiders and free stuff. Look out for the other interviews soon. Nighty night fiends.

(Photo Credit: Antonio Aceves)

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