TV Recap – PARANORMAL WITNESS – Fox Hollow Farm

Another fascinating episode, this one concerning a family that moves into the former home of Indiana’s most prolific serial killer, Herb Baumeister.

All Rob and Vicki Graves wanted to do was move away from the city.  They found a beautiful property that boasted a beautiful house with a swimming pool in the basement.  As they were doing the walk-thru Rob remembers something.  He asks their realtor if this house belonged to Herb Baumeister, a man who allegedly murdered 11 men.  The realtor has no choice and tells the Graves that it is indeed that house.  At first Vicki is hesitant, but because of the beautiful surroundings, she decides she can live with it.  Bad idea Vic!  The Graves move in with their two teenage sons and Vicki experiences strange activity from the beginning.  She is vacuuming around the pool, which is in the basement, and the cord is repeatedly pulled from the socket.

Apparently if the price is right some people are willing to look past the fact that a serial killer lived there…

Joe LeBlanc, a coworker of Rob at a car dealership, is consistently late to work.  Rob asks him if it would help if he lived closer, seeing as how the farm also boasts a full apartment above a barn next to the main house.  Joe quickly decides to take him up on his offer and he and his dog Fred move in.  Soon after he moves in Joe begins having nightmares where he is running through the woods next to the house.  One night as he has the nightmare again, he awakes and runs into a floor lamp in his house and all he has to show for it is shards of glass in his hands and wrists.  Joe also experiences very loud knocks on his door in the night, and of course, when he opens the door there is no one there.  Typical.

One night Joe and his trusty dog Fred go for a walk and they hear noises in the woods.  He sees a man in a red shirt, the same man that Vicki saw a few days earlier.  Fred runs into the woods chasing it and Joe follows.  He experiences a specter dripping wet that screams at him.  After this ordeal he and Vicki compare notes about what they’ve seen.  Joe believes that a couple of Herb Baumeister’s alleged victims were possibly murdered in his apartment.

The brave, and crazy, Joe who still resides on the property.

Let’s get into Herb Baumeister’s modus operandi.  Being a true crime fanatic I thought the story sounded familiar, and when I heard that Baumeister kept mannequins around the pool a light went off in my head.  Herb was a married family man who trolled gay nightclubs and brought his victims to his pool, often coercing them with drugs and/or alcohol.  He then asked them to participate in autoerotic asphyxiation.  Then the naïve young men who believed they were just involved in a kinky sex act were strangled by Baumeister.  When Baumeister found the police had finally caught up to him he took the coward’s way and blew his brains out.

For an alleged serial killer he looks strangely nomal, don’t you think?

To this day the paranormal incidences still occur and the Graves family and Joe LeBlanc still reside there.  Even after one terrifying experience in which Joe and the Graves boys were playing in the pool and Joe was pulled underneath the water, perhaps experiencing what one of Baumeister’s victims did.  I find these people brave and perhaps they stay there to try to help victims who were never identified in the original case.

You can catch new episodes of PARANORMAL WITNESS on Syfy channel and On Demand.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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  1. May 27, 2013 at 4:24 PM

    Do they want the home cleared? I think it would benefit everyone if the souls were escorted to the other side. if they are interested I may be able to help with that.
    I can’t imagine wanting to live such evil in the home and property.
    That evil will eventually effect them as well. it is not a good situation.

    All the bset,

    Lisa St. John
    [email protected]

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