Truly Disturbing takes you inside NYC’s top haunted attraction BLOOD MANOR

Its that time of year again! We got a sneak peak into NYC’s best Hauted House. Click to read more…if you dare.

I was treated to a wonderful night of horror courtesy of Blood Manor last night. Members of the press, including yours truly, gathered and enjoyed some horror-themed drinks before being “escorted” by the residents of Blood Manor (they don’t like to be called “actors”) to the official haunted house.

Before the cocktail hour, I was able to get a quick look at the Haunted House without its haunted residents.

The first room that I saw, was absolutely covered in wall-to-wall horror. Ghosts, goblins, and freaky clowns. Halls were covered with splattered glow-in-the-dark paint that mimicked blood splatter and 2-way mirrors. The mirrors were set up so you could get scared by other house-goers on the other side of the winding hallways.

Now, on to the horrifying residents of Blood Manor. Pretty much any horror character you can think of is lurking within the walls on the Manor. There were zombies, monsters, pigs with huge butcher knives, little girls who liked to tear off doll heads, vampires, and everything else that goes bump in the night.

If you find yourself in New York City in the month of October, this is a must-go.

If you live in NYC, you should start making this a yearly tradition. There are no shortages of thrills and scares.

The address is 163 Varick Street, NY, NY 10013.


Check out some of the photos of the Residents I got. Sadly the pictures from the haunted house didn’t come out due to low lighting and extreme fog.

Special thanks to the folks who run Blood Manor for having us.




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