TV Recap – FACE/OFF – Dishonorable Proportions

This week’s episode spotlighted the new steampunk video game DISHONORED.

The final seven have four character classes to choose from- Thug, Aristocrat, City Watch Officer and Weepers.  The man I call the pro of the season is Roy the 47 year old genius.  He is always willing to help his younger contestants with his enormous amount of expertise.  He happens to be safe this week thanks to the Foundation Challenge where everyone picked a model in a freaky dress and had to do a beauty makeup based upon that.

Roy was stoked that he had immunity this week, “Do steam punk wrong and Glenn will have your head for it.”  Many of the contestants do not heed Glenn’s advice, which is to drastically exaggerate human features, emphasis on the word “human”.  Some contestants threw the human skull out and completely reinvented it.  Bad idea kids.  The idea was to exaggerate, not alienate, human features.

Pick a class…any class!

The top two looks are from Rod, who previously was questioned for making the same face every week, and Derek, whose brother was also in the competition and sent home way too soon.  Derek is the champion my friendos, and I can see why.  His inspired creation looked like it would fit seamlessly into the game.

“Hey man, is my chin too big? You can tell me the truth.” “Well it’s not bigger than Leno’s dude.”

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