Hear a audio clip from the new book THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY

With season three of The Walking Dead coming our way in a few weeks, a new book that prequels what happens in the show has surfaced which is written by creator Robert Kirkman. Check out the details below.

This is a direct follow up to the earlier novel entitled Rise of The Governor that Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga.

In the story (which will be released in print, digital and audio versions on Oct. 16), a struggling survivor named Lilly Caul (also from the comics) stumbles upon a fortress of a town called Woodbury, Ga. It’s a town being run by a man called Philip Blake. Only Blake has recently begun to call himself something else entirely: the Governor. Tensions rise when Lilly takes on the man in charge.

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have the exclusive listen to the book. Check it out here.

Can these books impact the future of The Walking Dead as a whole? Will the things that transpired in them reflect the overall tone of the future seasons for the show?

Only one way to find out.





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