REVIEW: 7 Days to Live (2000)

 7 DAYS TO LIVE (2000)

 DIRECTOR: Sebastian Niemann

 STARS: Amanda Plummer, Sean Pertwee, Nick Brimble



I caught this movie on Instant Netflix after watching another horror flick and decided to put it on. Gosh, was that a mistake. This movie chronicles a couple who moves to the country after an unfortunate incident where their son has an extreme allergic reaction after swallowing a bee in his cereal and dies. Hoping to start anew with a fixer-upper house, the couple invest their time, money, and lives to this house. The husband, Martin (Sean Pertwee) is a writer trying to reclaim his fame by writing the next great book, spends most of his time fixing the house and writing, while his wife, Ellen (Amanda Plummer, who is mainly known for her appearance as the wife of the couple who tries to rob the diner in Pulp Fiction) focuses soley on making the house their own. As their fix their house more, they quickly realize that their is a sinister history to the house, and it could take them alive if they don’t do something about it.


First off, this movie is a bad horror movie from the start. So many plot holes, and so many things wrong with the film. WHY would a boy SWALLOW a bee?! That’s the best way their child could go out?! A bee sting would be more plausible. Not a wandering bee that happens to land on the spoon while the kid is eating breakfast. Second, there is no “horror” factor in this film. I did not feel scared or remotely nervous about the events unfolding. It is revealed to us that a lady died of “drowning” 23 years prior to the new couple moving in, but other than that one incident, that is all we know that is evil about the house. I guess the writer wanted to merge the concept of “The Shining” with a few other horror films, but it falls so short of its intended goal, I don’t think its even close. The “horror” graphics are so bad towards the end I had to laugh. Yes, the movie was made in 2000 and we didn’t have the same technology then, but even Ghost‘s demon graphics were better and that was made 10 years prior. The acting is horrible, as well as the set. The set looks totally staged, as if teenagers in a high school play built it. The best acting was by the dog, and his cameo ended way too early for my liking.  Also, in the end we see the demise of the house (SPOILER ALERT) but when we get the last shot, the house is back. What?


In all, avoid this movie. I’m so glad this is only on Netflix and I hope it was never in theaters. If you saw this in the theaters, demand for your money back 12 years later and include interest. Total waste of money.

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  1. AnnaLee
    December 15, 2013 at 6:18 AM

    What do you know of director Sebastian Niemann? Has he made any other movies?

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