TV You Should Be Watching: Syfy’s HOT SET!

If you are fascinated by behind-the-scenes of movie making and are a fan of FACE/OFF on Syfy then this is a great new show for you friendos!

HOT SET is from the producers of FACE/OFF and I find that it is just as amazing to watch!  Each week two production designers and their teams will compete against each other to build a set.  A Hot Set is movie speak for a perfectly dressed, locked and camera ready set.  They have three days to build and have a $15,000 budget.  They are given a brief script, this week was an astronaut who has crash landed on a strange planet, and a critical element that must be used in both sets, in this case it is the aforementioned astronaut.

It was awesome to see how each crew worked with pretty basic materials, like Styrofoam and a spray on foam, to build fantastic looking sets.  In the three days they also have to work in going to buy materials and set pieces to make the best set possible.  Most movie production designers have months to plan out and build their sets so that makes this show remarkable to build so quickly in the time allotted.  The winning team receives $10,000 and next week it’s on to the next ones, next production designers that is.  Some of the themes this season will be Alien Queen, Spy, and Serial Killer.  I can’t wait for that last one!

The $10,000 winning set from the first episode!

Now, as Cat Deely would say, let’s meet our judges…and host!  Our host is Ben Mankiewicz, who presents classic movies on TCM.  The judges are Barry Robison, a production designer whose credits include X-MEN ORIGINS and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.  Next up is Lilly Kilvert who is a two-time Oscar nominee for LEGENDS OF THE FALL and THE LAST SAMURAI.  Our final judge is Curt Beech who is best known for art direction on recent films THE HELP, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and STAR TREK.

You can catch all new episodes of HOT SET Tuesdays on the Syfy channel.  You can catch the premiere episode On Demand and on


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