Warm up with the brand new trailer for HYPOTHERMIA

Dark Sky Films has released the trailer for their straight to DVD feature Hypothermia. Dig it below.


The film is set for an October 2nd.

Directed by James Felix McKenney and starring Michael Rooker, the film follows the characters of Ray Pelletier and his wife, Helen, who have been ice fishing the frozen expanse of Lake Noyade for over two decades. This year, however, something is different: no fish bite. Is it their new neighbors on the ice – Stevie Jr. and his overbearing Dad – with their high-tech gear and over-sized rig that is driving the fish away? Or is it something else? The answer comes in an onslaught of ferocious attacks that unites the two families against a mysterious creature from under the ice.

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  1 comment for “Warm up with the brand new trailer for HYPOTHERMIA

  1. SoupOrVillian
    October 5, 2012 at 4:37 AM

    My supervisor at DISH suggested Hypothermia, so I threw it in my Blockbuster at Home queue. From the summary it looks pretty interesting. As a kid, my grandfather used to take me ice fishing and tell spooky stories about monsters, but he never mentioned one that comes from beneath the ice. I grabbed the blu-ray versions because it did not cost any extra. I used to imagine the monsters, but now that I am an adult I get to see them in HD.

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