Drive-In Review: BAIT 3D (Blu-Ray)

This ain’t Jaws and this definitely isn’t Deep Blue Sea. It’s Bait 3D and boy does it deliver the gore goods. Check out the review below.

BAIT 3D (2012)

Stars: Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson, Alex Russell, Julian McMahon

Directed by: Kimble Rendall

Distributed by: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Format: Blu-ray

MPAA Rating: R

Shark movies around here are a favorite. Yet it has been a lack luster year for our finned pals. Shark Night should have been a ton of fun but that dreaded PG-13 rating choked out most of the goods. The there is Two Headed Shark Attack, which wasn’t too bad but did lack depth(How the fuck could I be complaining about depth in a shark movie). Either way, we wanted  more and Bait 3D delivered.

The story line is so damn farfetched…it actually works!

After a deadly tsunami hits shore, a group of survivors end up finding themselves huddled together in a submerged supermarket. Swimming is the only way out, but there’s just one problem… with the deluge of water has come all manner of sea life, including a few very hungry great white sharks. Of course there are your standard twists and turns to the main plot, but in a nutshell that’s really it. Should there be any more added? We think not.

Director Kimbel Rendall really utilizes the 3D aspect of the film and it never becomes over bearing. He knows what type of film we want and he delivers people.

Most of the characters are not only likable but totally believable, and you actually care when they’re in peril, especially The Loved One‘s Xavier Samuel.  Still, the true stars here are the sharks themselves, and you get more than enough of them to make even eating seafood something scary. In a much welcomed move, the majority of the on-screen sharks are animatronic and therefore come off as far more dangerous and menacing than something you know is just an animated image some actor is blindly acting against. There are a few CGI shark moments in the film but when it comes to scare factor, nothing beats the animatronic fishes.

Now for the Drive-In Totals

Drive-In Totals:

12 Dead Bodies

0 Breasts

Shark Fishing

Body Ripping

Bait Making

Garage Antics

Hook Fu

Gun Fu

Dog Fu

Explosion Fu

Tsunami Fu

Knife Fu

An a beautiful ending that makes you go “awww”.

Transfer-wise the film looks gorgeous and is riddled with eye-popping use of color and a truly fine level of crystal clear detail. Couple that with the simply booming DTS-HD MA 5.2 audio track, and we have a real shark feast.

The supplemental material on this Blu-Ray is very scarce with only some still production photos shown. This film deserves more but the way the film sounds and looks makes up for the lack of goods…we suppose.

Bait 3D is a film you will want to watch again and again. More friends the better we say. If you want a bloody,salt water filled, shark romp then Bait 3D is totally a must have.

Special Features

  • Storyboard gallery



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  2 comments for “Drive-In Review: BAIT 3D (Blu-Ray)

  1. September 20, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    Actually hun, a tsunami wiping out the Gold Coast isn’t that far fetched. It would have to be a considerable sized Earthquake coming off New Zealand to do it, but the GC has had tsunami warnings before. About Great White sharks being stuck in a supermarket…yeah, that would be far fetched. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  2. Eric
    October 19, 2012 at 4:01 AM

    A lot of what makes me believe in a horror movie is actually just me believing in the actor’s performance and they did a fantastic job; not to mention the graphics. After I left my office at DISH I watched the 3D version on my Hopper and I could swear there was actually a shark in my house by the end of the night. It was epic.

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