Horror, SciFi, Fantasy Dominate 3D Film Fest Opening September 20–We’re Offering Ticket Giveaways!

Hey horror hounds.  The Fifth Annual 3D Film Festival – or 3DFF as it’s also known as – is rolling into town and we’ve got ticket giveaways.  Read on for the details.

When it comes to getting news here at Truly Disturbing, we try to put our own spin on things and give you fresh, up to date news that is, well, truly disturbing.  However for this piece of hot press, I’m going to be copying and pasting the e-mail we were sent from Henry Eshelman in regards to the 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles simply because trying to reword it will lose some of the power.  Read on for how you could score in the ticket giveaway.

Hey horror and sci fi fans,

You may remember us from last summer’s horror series from The Collective including everything from “Cold Fish” to “Rammbock” to “The Woman.” This year we’re closing out summer with The Fifth Annual 3D Film Festival–3DFF–opens this Thursday and it’s dominated, by horror, sci fi and fantasy films. It’s a fan-based Festival chock full of features, shorts, seminars and performances. Among others, it features:

“Spiders 3D” on opening night.

The World Premiere Screening of “War of the Worlds: Goliath in 3D” following its industry screening at Comic-Con. This is the first major steampunk anime fantasy to come out of Malaysia.

The horror spoof “Piranha 3DD” presented by Dimension Films.

“Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-animation” presented by Screen Media Films.

A premiere of programming from 3D network 3net including the world premiere of “Marksmen,” a brand-new, never before announced show which is the world’s first 3D stop-motion graphic novel series that takes viewers into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

All this plus a compendium of other 3D screenings from “A Haunting in Salem” to “Paranorman” to the Berkeley Lab’s “Flying through the Known Universe.”

We’ve attached the latest release on 3DFF and there’s a schedule posted at www.3dff.org.We welcome all media coverage of the festival. For media credentials please visit: http://mediaaccreditationapp3dff.eventbrite.com

We’ll give away five pairs of tickets to just about ANY of the screenings for your site. Our friend Heather Wixson has already offered up tickets to SPIDERS 3D, so we’re figuring we’d offer up 5 pairs of comp tickets for any other 3DFF program to the first sites that want them. We figure we’ll do a total of ten giveaways of 5 pairs each so we’ll take the first sites that respond. No matter what, we hope you’ll find this festival compelling enough to preview to your readers/viewers.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support!



So if you’re in LA September 20th – 22nd, check it out and let us know what you think.

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