HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2012: Exclusive behind the scenes tour of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Universal Studios Hollywood is gearing up for this years Halloween Horror Nights event. We got to take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre haunted attractions for this years event.  Check it out below.

First and foremost, the folks behind this years Halloween Horror Nights event take pride in their movie accurate mazes and set designs. So much so that hours are spent in just prep work before the plans to build a maze even materialize. Our tour was with John Murdy, Creative Director for HHN and his second in command so to speak, Chris Williams.

“We did a Texas Chainsaw Massacre back in 2009, but that was the remake. This maze is all based off the original Tobe Hooper film from 1974.” says John Murdy as we entered the bare bones structure that will, in a few days, be turned into an elaborate maze for guests to enjoy.

A few years back I approached the original films director, Tobe Hooper, and basically said, when can we do a maze based off your original?‘ Murdy continues, ‘Tobe was very excited about the idea and it took awhile, as these things do, but now we are here and the maze is turning out really well.

As we enter the maze itself, right away we notice the elaborate set design and the infamous “Steel Door” that introduces us in the movie to Leatherface. “We knew we had to have the steel door from the film in the maze’ adds Chris Williams, ‘so what better place to put it then right in the beginning of the maze.”

The set decoration takes hours as I hinted at earlier. Hours upon hours of research is done to make every set piece to match a certain scene from the film. “We do get a lot of our set pieces from like Ebay and even garage sales we went to over the years.” says John Murdy.

Most notable about this tour is the fact  it is the last maze to be completed for HHN. We saw the very early workings of what the maze would end up being. All the original family members from the Tobe Hooper film are in this maze as well. Remember that scene where they are all sitting around at the dinner table? Yep that’s in there and boy does the scare come from out of no where.

The more one goes deeper into the maze the more engulfed you will be into the world of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you do not know the film really well then I suggest you study up because even certain dialog is taken directly from the film. “If you really pay attention to the film, it actually is very dialog heavy and we use that to our advantage.” says Murdy.

At one point in the tour we actually saw the blue prints for the maze. They detail everything imaginable for the maze. From scares to lighting to even smells, the blue prints brought out all these things. “The blue prints are extremely important and make or break a maze. If we have scares in places that people can tell where they are coming from then it defeats the purpose.” says Chris Williams.

By the time our tour was through we knew this would be an amazing maze. “We really take pride in bringing our fans the best in haunted attractions each year and this year is no different.” Murdy concluded. When we finally saw the light of day at the end of the tour it was a sad goodbye.

If only we could have stayed and seen even more work being done and a more complete maze. This maze will bring the claustrophobia level way up for some people.

Thanks to Universal and John Murdy for the awesome walk-through.

We will be doing more extensive coverage on HHN in the coming days so stay here for that.



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