EVENT REPORT: Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2012 Day 1

The heat may have been bad but to 30,000 people it was worth it, myself included. Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo was everything that it promised to be. An event where your average steam punk aficionado can relax with your every day zombie lover. It was evident that everything Mr. Stan Lee himself had imagined was playing out right here amongst his people. Apologies in advance that this article may not feature your more Truly Disturbing type news, but not to worry fiends if it’s one thing we horror fans are… it’s  adaptable. So overall, I’ll go over the event as a whole and talk about a few of the horror elements that were present (I’ll discuss in a bit why few is in italics).

We’ve got to hand it to Mr. Marvel himself Stan Lee this event was huge! A comic book lovers dream! Not only comic book lovers, but this Expo definitely reached a wide audience. Various booths were scattered around displaying comic book writer’s various comics and graphic novels. Artists were there to display their artwork and/or clothing while on the main stage there were a series of panelists that were discussing their stories. I do have to say that this made everything feel intimate. We were all there sharing our love for Stan and our various likes. The Expo really did everything they could to please everyone in the comic book universe. They had a little bit of everything which brings me back to the parentheses… Horror was one of those little bits. Of course it’s understandable because when you’re featuring so much a little of this and a little of that is necessary. The horror they did feature was okay, but what took the cake

We did happen to catch the panel hosted by none other than the “CLERKS” director himself Kevin Smith interviewing the Batman legend himself Mr. Adam West! Smith handled this interview under his “FATMAN ON BATMAN” podcast that he features on his Smodcast network.If it’s one thing Smith knows how to do is control a room and this occasion was no different. He asked legitimate questions and West was more than happy to oblige him with his quirky Adam West humor. It was nice to see two celebrities generations apart come together and discuss a shared love… Batman. It makes you appreciate what icons like Adam West have provided for fan boys like Smith and it was touching to see them share that with the Comikaze audience.

Next up was the Zombie Apocalypse obstacle course.The obstacle course was a series of bounce houses where you could choose to be one of the infected or a survivor. Pretty cool concept and it played out like a grand game of tag. The survivors would run throughout the obstacle course and the zombies would chase them. Some of the zombies made the much debated choice… the slow zombie or fast zombie a.k.a the living dead or the infected. It was entertaining to watch and we here at truly disturbing recommend it to get your daily dose of horror. It comes in at $30 a person or victim but if it is your life long dream to run from zombies then $30 is a small price to pay.

The other horror highlight was the space designated to SyFy channel’s “FACE OFF”. Here various makeup artists were working to turn an expo attendee into a horrific being. Along the way they had various pieces of horror imagery, but if you’re going to Comikaze strictly for horror you’ll end up disappointed.

Overall you could say that this expo catered to the comic book fan since that is where Stan Lee is rooted, but I do give a much needed applause to the Comikaze crew for featuring a buffet of geekdoms. The Expo is lightyears away from the Comi-Con event but Mr. Lee succeeded in setting his event apart and placing his magical touch upon it. Comikaze felt intimate and made its attendees feel right at home. This is definitely an event to be seen and if you are a fanboy then by all means Comikaze was made for you… GO! There is a ton to see, hear and watch so naturally the event was split up into 2 days. Day 2 will be reported by our Editor-in-Chief the horror man himself, but as far as Day 1 is concerned this was a win for Stan Lee. Congratulations to Comikaze and Stan Lee for putting on this wonderful Expo and judging by the attendance yesterday I’d say We’ll see you next year.

Thank you to the Comikaze Expo and Stan for putting on a great show! For more information on the event you can visit Comikaze’s webpage here. Also you can see SyFy’s reality series “FACE OFF” every Tuesday at 9/8c and for more information you can visit the show’s website here. Be sure to check back here your home at Truly Disturbing for all your horror needs.

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