An Australian Halloween: Movie World Fright Nights 2012

It was only a matter of time before I posted something about this.  Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, here with some super cool news for all you Aussie readers regarding the tradition at Movie World known as Fright Night…

If you’re following me on Twitter (@Ahlephia), I let it slip a week ago regarding what was happening this year for Movie World’s Fright Nights.  Now I can bring in depth details as well as the dates and times for all you Aussie ghouls to start flocking to the Gold Coast.

So what is Fright Night?

Fright Night is  an annual event held during the month of October at Movie World.  This year, Fright Nights will be held on the 6th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th of October 2012 from 6-11pm.

The event features horrifying mazes, scare zones, shows and more.  Plus some of your favourite rides will be open during select hours.  This is a separately ticketed event and not included with regular park admission tickets.

So what’s happening this year?  Let me break it down for you.


THE WALKING DEAD – Be taunted by the Walking Dead in a playground of nightmares where your darkest fears will come alive.  The Walkers are here, they’re hungry, and they want YOU!  There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; all you can do is hope that you can escape their path and make it out before they infect you with their deadly disease.

THE FILM VAULT – The darkest movie characters will come to life right before your eyes and leave you wishing you’d never set foot in their chamber of horrors.  They’ll come at you from every terrifying angle leaving you no time to catch your breath, taunting you while you struggle to navigate your way through the Film Vault.

HILLBILLY SLASHER – A mysterious psychopathic killer is on the loose in what was supposed to be a peaceful campground, patiently waiting for his next victim.  You will be faced with stomach-churning scenes of evil as danger lurks ominously in every dead end. Could you be next?

PSYCHO 3D – Making it’s return from last year you’ll never be alone inside the Psycho 3D Maze where the hungry ghouls are lurking around every corner.  Not only will you have to escape from these terrifying creatures, but you’ll have to battle your way through 3D illusions and a moving tunnel that will overtake your senses as the walls close in on you.  Can you make it out in time?


THRILLER DANCE – A 60-strong army of ghastly ghouls will open each night with an epic thriller dance that will leave shivers running down your spine.  Watch as these entranced creatures break out in unison to an elaborate song and dance number sure to get your inner zombie stirring.

CREATURES OF ROCK – Be entranced by the Creatures of Rock in a demonic live show filled with ghoulish musicians, singers and dancers in the Main Plaza.  Rock out to an unholy performance of undead proportions and remember to keep your wits about you– don’t let yourself be their next victim!

DEATH DERBY – The Grand Final of the Car Darby in The Hollywood Stunt Driver arena has been taken over by flesh eating undead waiting to sink their teeth into you.  Don’t be fooled by their amazing death-defying stunts and charismatic performances – it’s only a facade.  While you’ll be thoroughly entertained, mind-blown even, they’re extremely hungry, and they want you!

VAMPIRE BURLESQUE – The sexy and seductive vampire dancers of the ‘Burlesque Vampire Show’ will enhance the night of horrors in a chic but bloody theatrical performance, sure to leave you wanting more.  In between shows the vivacious vampires will be available for photo’s, but beware, they’re out for your blood.


Rides that are operational that night include Batwing Spaceshot, Justice League, Arkham Asylum, The Green Lantern, Superman Escape and Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster.  This is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Tickets can be purchased here and are $29.95 for general admission.  It is also recommended that if you are dressing up in costume that you avoid costumes with masks.  For more information please read the FAQ here

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