Some Guy Who Kills People Set For UK DVD And Blu Ray Release In October

Last year I was lucky enough to attend my very first Grimmfest in Manchester and I am absoultely gutted I cannot make this year’s festival as it looks bigger and better than ever. Anyway, one of the highlights of last year’s show was undoubtedly Some Guy Who Kills People and I am happy to announce that Grimm are in fact releasing the film on DVD and Blu Ray on 8th October following screenings around the UK on 5th October.

Some Guy Who Kills People focuss on Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan), a man recently released from the loony bin who decides that those who made his life a misery should be held accountable. As he sets out to murder those he deems as the ruiners of his life, Ken begins a relationship with the hapless Stephanie (Lucy Davis) and learns of the existence of his daughter Amy (Ariel Gade).

As the new people come into his life, Ken begins to question his planned actions. But with murders occurring each night, with those being killed the ones on his list, Sheriff Walt Fuller (Barry Bostock) is on the case and soon the net closes in on Ken.

As black comedies go, Some Guy Who Kills People is a perfect example of horror combining with comedy and adding a pinch of heart into the proceedings. When it needs to be, the film musters the audience with some gory death scenes whilst the humor helps to add that lightheartedness to what is a likable and easy-to-follow storyline.

A perfect film to be shown at last year’s Grimmfest and once again part of this year’s festival, back by popular demand, be sure to check it out and mark down 8th October for the DVD and Blu Ray release.

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