Like found footage? Then you’ll love PARANORMAL MOVIE

Damn, after two days off we are hustling to catch up. First on our plate is the found footage parody film Paranormal Movie. Check out the details below.

Directed by and starring Kevin Farley (Dirty Work), the film is currently in post-production and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013.

Paranormal Movie tells the story of Larry, a bumbling and inept man-child who has spent his entire life documenting everything he does in front of a video camera. Now that he and his new girlfriend have moved into a house plagued with strange occurrences, Larry is determined to capture the poltergeist on tape and rid the home of its supernatural infestation.

The film’s star and director, comedian Kevin Farley, is no stranger to the parody genre, having toplined the David Zucker comedy An American Carol. “I learned a lot from An American Carol. The one thing I know is that parody is good if it’s done right. Having done this type of film with David [Zucker], it’s amazing to learn from the best and then make your own, and this film is homage to the Zucker Brothers style.”

In addition to Kevin Farley, Paranormal Movie is populated with a cast that includes Carly Craig (The Three Stooges), William Katt (Carrie), Nicky Whelan (Rob Zombie’s Halloween II), Maria Menunos (“Access Hollywood”), John Farley (Jack & Jill), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down), Fred Stoller (The Change-Up), Deep Roy (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) and more.

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