Comic Book Review: TYRANNY OF THE MUSE

Refreshingly original and uniquely different, TYRANNY OF THE MUSE #1 will keep readers interested by its believable and deeply flawed protagonist.

A young man’s slow descent into utter madness will either be his inspiration or his obsession. Consumed with questions, he searches for the truth behind his mysterious illness, which is slowly killing him.

A struggling writer by day, Frank Fisher wants his boring life to mean something special. For most of the day, he just lazily sits in his room, staring blankly at his glowing computer screen. What hurts the most, what deeply saddens Frank, is that he wastes his time looking intently at an empty white display. An indescribable force is blocking his mind from being truly inspired.

As Frank’s pulsating wound begins to throb again, he feels a living and breathing presence inside his head. In order to avoid the searing pain, he helplessly falls into the arms of his mistress, his supposed girlfriend, Bonnie. Because she is brutally honest and constantly helpful, Frank’s muse may either be his downfall or his redemption. As Frank and Bonnie’s relationship tightens, they find themselves on a dark and twisted journey littered with addiction and surreal romance.

Based on his novella, BROKEN BULBS, author Eddie Wright is an engaging storyteller, who keeps the readers inside Frank’s troubled mind. Wright’s narrative flows at a somber pace through Franks’ streaming consciousness. Underneath all the mumbling and ranting, there is a poignant subtext about relationships. Frank wants to be someone special to Bonnie, but does that mean she needs him to be as well?

Wright focuses more on the mystery of Frank’s open wound than on Bonnie. This is quite refreshing actually because the reader might start questioning whether Bonnie exists or not. Thankfully, Wright presents Bonnie to other characters; which shows Frank is somewhat less delusional. Bonnie could either be the problem or the solution to his mysterious illness, which is a much more interesting story arc.

Jesse Balmer does a lot with black and white tones in his excellent artwork. The major highlight is the character design of Frank, whose face is wrapped in bandages. If you remember the old-school Universal horror movies, Frank looks exactly like The Mummy. There is so much incredible detail to Balmer’s opening splash pages. To explore Frank’s random thoughts, Balmer jumps around from medium shots to extreme close-ups. Balmer always keeps the shots from Frank’s POV, especially during his conversations with Bonnie. Readers never know if Bonnie is playing along with Frank or if she is hiding a secret from him.

Grabbing the reader’s attention right from the start, you should absolutely have TYRANNY OF THE MUSE #1 in your hands. Close to madness, Frank searches for the truth behind his mysterious illness, which will eventually kill him. Could his girlfriend be the actual cause? Available Sept. 19th, readers can order themselves a copy at Find them on Facebook:

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