PRESS RELEASE: EVERYBODY DIES FILM FESTIVAL bringing gore back to Orange County

Happy Monday Horror Fans! We here at Truly Disturbing received this official press release from Sara Parrell, the festival director of  EVERYBODY DIES FILM FESTIVAL. We are very excited to be covering this festival which will be taking place October 12-13 in Brea, CA. Check out the press release and ticket info below.

Here is the official press release:


 The “EVERYBODY DIES” Horror Film Festival Returns For Their Second Year.

 This Halloween, one of the scariest places in the world is getting even scarier:  The “Everybody Dies” Horror Film Festival is coming back to Orange County, California!  Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13, the best independent horror short and feature films will be screened at the Brea Plaza 5 Cinemas in Brea, California.  This year, the festival will showcase more psycho-slashers, killer mutant chickens and a gore-soaked musical starring Tim Burton as an 18th century vampire hunter!  The weekend will be presided over by the festival’s super-sexy, blood-thirsty mistress of ceremony:  Machete Betty.

SURVIVOR TYPE.  A disgraced surgeon stranded on a deserted island with no food and only a handful of supplies must go to great lengths to stay alive for rescue that may never come. Based on the short story by Stephen King.

IT’S IN THE BLOOD.  Genre legend Lance Henriksen stars in the story of a father and son who become stranded in the wild.  They must confront the horrors of their past to escape with their lives.

MURGI KENO MUTANT (THE ATTACK OF THE KILLER MUTANT CHICKENS).  In the near future, Bangladesh is terrorized by killer mutant chickens.  A team of kung fu fighting chefs must battle in order to keep chicken on the menu.  But one chicken sets its sights on revenge.  It’s time for the ultimate poultry showdown.

DESERT ROAD KILL.  One in seven hitchhikers is potentially dangerous. A family on their way home from an outing pick up a hitchhiker with surprising results.

VAMPIRES KISS & BLOOD INSIDE.  An outbreak of female Vampires threatens an English village in 1882.  Can Tim Burton help destroy these blood sucking seductresses in time?

For more information and tickets you can visit the festival’s website here. Also for updates on selection announcements you can follow their Facebook page here or you can follow them on Twitter here. Sheesh that’s a lot of ways to get your horror fix!

Be sure to check out this awesome event if you can and Thanks to Sara Parrell and EVERYBODY DIES FILM FESTIVAL for the information! See you a the movies horror fiends and be sure to check back on for your horror updates.

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