Truly Disturbing Headlines: Eerie Hum Puzzles City; Blamed On Fish

Imagine you’re trying to sleep when suddenly you’re woken by what can only be described as a creepy hum.  The humming gets louder.  Residents are distressed.  No, it’s not a best-selling book by Stephen King.  It’s actually happening.  Read on for the details.

A mysterious hum has been plaguing residents in the US town of Seattle for the past few days.

Irritated locals have described the sound as “like a growl” and “kind of creepy” and some say it has been keeping them up at night, TV network NWCN reports.

“It gets high and lower, and goes away, then comes back,” said Julie Schickling, who recorded the noise and uploaded it to the West Seattle Blog.

The unusual noise, dubbed the “West Seattle hum” has been reported by locals before but in the past week has become louder and more persistent.

Residents at first blamed the sound, which can be heard in the western part of the city, on a diesel tank in the area but scientists have come up with a more unusual explanation.

Biologists at the University of Washington’s Marine Biology program believe the source of the noise may be the male midshipman fish, which can be found in a local waterway.

The midshipman fish lets out a distinctive mating call that sounds like a drone and can go on for hours as males compete against each other for female attention.

Researchers believe the mating calls may be bouncing off ships and buildings, amplifying the sound.

But scientists attempting to record the strange hum on Friday were unable to pinpoint the source of the noise.

Source: NWCN

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