TV Review: GHOST HUNTERS – Ghost Scratch Fever

No that’s not really the title of the episode, but you’ll see why I used it soon enough, especially if you are a Ted Nugent fan.

I’m sure many of you like myself have watched this show over the years.  One of my favorite things about this show was the interactions between lead investigators Jason and Grant.  This season Grant is gone so the team must regroup and readjust.  This season the T.A.P.S. team will focus on the haunted South.  Their first case is in Charleston, South Carolina at the Old City Jail, which is said to be the most haunted jail in the U.S.

Prisoners today have got it better than they think. They should hear about conditions back in the day!

The jail has a torrid past, as most old jails and prisons do.  It was built in 1738 and was said to house America’s first female serial killer Lavinia Fisher.  Lavinia along with her husband John ran a hotel called the Six Mile Wayfarer House in the early 1800’s. Mysteriously, men who were visiting Charleston began to disappear. As more and more reports were filed with the authorities regarding these missing men, it was determined that they were last seen at the Six Mile Wayfarer House, which was called such because it was six miles outside of Charleston.  Due to their popularity in town after officials investigated all charges were dropped.

Guilty?! But I'm charming and attractive! It worked for Casey Anthony!

Eventually the town folk looked past the couples charm and a group of vigilantes and a brave man who stood guard on the premises, and was beaten severely, brought the deadly duo to justice.  They were found guilty of robbing and killing many male travelers.   John Fisher went to the gallows quietly, but not Lavinia.  She insisted on wearing her wedding dress and before the crowd she screamed, “If you have a message you want to send to hell give it to me, I’ll carry it.”  As soon as the noose was tightened around her neck Lavinia jumped to her death and was said to have struggled for fifteen minutes before she died.

Back to the investigation!  Many visitors to the jail have experienced being touched, bitten, and scratched.  Females seem to bear the brunt of the attacks.  Women have also reported that they have trouble breathing and felt as if they were being choked.  Visitors see a woman in a white dress, hear voices and see shadowy figures.

One of the new investigators on the team is Amy, who is pregnant.  Why a pregnant woman would want to investigate a haunted place is beyond me…what if Lavinia or another inmate possesses her baby?!  I wouldn’t take the risk, but then I believe in ghosties!

The T.A.P.S. investigation was pretty run-of-the-mill, except for the scratches.  A female crew member named Hagar (who the hell names their kid Hagar?!) who experienced several scratches on her wrists and forearms.  She decided to leave the investigation and the rest of the team, sans Amy, went back in.  They experienced hearing foot steps and a heavy door slamming.  Jason received scratches on his neck also.


"Don't believe Hagar? Maybe a few scratches will change your mind!"


Hagar, who admitted that she was a skeptic, decides to go back in.  Doesn’t she know that non-believers usually take the brunt of paranormal attacks?!  I guess not.  She returns with two other men and was scratched on her stomach, neck and back.  All in threes, like a claw.  Perhaps she won’t be so skeptical anymore eh?

I personally have seen more interesting episodes of GHOST HUNTERS and I did miss Grant, but we did get some physical evidence via the scratches.  You can catch all new episodes of GHOST HUNTERS on Syfy on Wednesday nights and also On Demand.  Let me know how you liked this episode!

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  1. September 11, 2012 at 11:13 PM

    Haven’t watched yet, but will try it out. Thanks for the review.

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