John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN returns to the big screen this October.

We here at Truly Disturbing just received news via Halloweenmovies Facebook page that this October John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, “HALLOWEEN” will return to theaters nationwide! Seeing Mikey on the big screen might just bring a tear to our slasher lovin hearts.That’s right folks the man who has scared you for 35 years, Michael Myers, will be scaring you once again.

As an added bonus screening before your feature presentation will be a short documentary entitled YOU CAN’T KILL THE BOGEYMAN: 35 YEARS OF HALLOWEEN.  Directed by Justin Beaham who discusses the effect this amazing film has had on people. Dates and theaters have not yet been announced but we will bring you all the goods as soon as we get them. This is the night EVERYONE comes home!

For more information on this you can visit and be sure to visit Halloweenmovies Facebook for all things Halloween related.

Until then let’s enjoy the original trailer.


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