Worried about the fate of WORLD WAR Z? Brad Pitt isn’t

World War Z has been plagued with problems since it was announced over a year ago. Re-writes, Re-shoots, Re-Workings, sheesh might as well make it a remake already. Anyway star, Brad Pitt was asked about the film and he had this to say.


UK site Hey U Guys caught up with the actor in London, and when asked about the re-shoots, etc., Pitt responded by saying that this is all a natural part of making a massive movie. Check out the video below, and head to about a minute and thirty seconds in for the soundbite.

THR reported earlier that when it comes to the World War Z reshoots, writer Damon Lindelof was brought in to do a third act, but after figuring out how much additional work was needed, he handed the project off to collaborator Drew Goddard. Sources say Paramount execs only had 52 minutes of continuous footage cut together to show them, along with a few minutes of other action. At the time the film was said to be gearing up for a seven-week reshoot in London.

More GOOD news, hopefully soon.

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