TV Recap – PARANORMAL WITNESS – The Dybbuk Box

Hello friendos!  Anyone see THE POSSESSION over the weekend?  Well this is the true story of the box!

I am so sick of horror movies that claim they are based on a true story when they really aren’t.  This episode of PARANORMAL WITNESS proves that the new film THE POSSESSION really is based on some facts.  A dybbuk is a malevolent spirit or demon in Jewish folklore by the way.  Let’s open the box and see what comes out!

Our twisted tale begins with antique store owner Kevin Mannis.  He frequents yard sales and estate auctions to find curios for his store.  One day he buys a lot that includes a small wine cabinet.  The owner was a 103 year old Holocaust survivor.  She told her family that it was never to be opened.  Of course who’s going to listen to that nonsense?  As soon as he gets it back to his shop, he pops off the old brass lock with a screwdriver.  Inside he finds two pennies from the 1920’s, a candlestick, a goblet, a statue that says “shalom” in Hebrew, and creepiest of all two locks of hair.

You know if I'm going to buy a haunted wine cabinet I would expect to get a bottle of wine! It's the least they could do!

Jane, an employee of Kevin, is working in the basement one day when things start to go freaky deaky.  She feels like someone is watching her.  She has never had trouble before, but this day light bulbs and glass start breaking.  Furniture is falling over and the wrought iron gate that locks the basement slams shut locking her in.  She calls Kevin in a panic and he rushes back to the store.  He unlocks the gate and sees Jane hiding in a corner.  She says “F#$k you” and leaves the store, never to return.  Kevin doesn’t link the strange goings-on to the box.  He assumes Jane did it.

A few weeks later it is Kevin’s mother Ida’s birthday.  He decides to give her the box.  Happy birthday to her!  Kevin leaves to make a phone call in his office as Ida looks over the box.  She feels like the box is looking back at her.  The doors of the box open and she feels a cold breeze and senses a very powerful evil force.  Suddenly she can’t move and her mouth contorts into an odd shape.  She is having a seizure.  As her son rushes to her side she tries to gesture towards the box and cannot.  It was hard to watch her interview, she cried and she still looked haunted just talking about her experience.

Luckily Kevin catches on and decides to sell the box.  An older couple come in and take it home.  Days later Kevin goes to the front of his store and finds the box on the floor with a note on it.  “This has an odd darkness about it.”  No kidding folks!  Kevin begins to have a recurring nightmare about an evil hag who attacks him.  Upon waking he finds his body is covered in bruises.  He can’t take anymore and puts the box up for sale on Ebay.  He also includes a long description of everything that had happened to him while the box was in his possession.

Thinking of having a seance kids? This hag's face might make you think twice!

The next unlucky owners are two college students, Brian and Sam.  They don’t experience anything for two weeks.  Then at a party, Sam opens the box and puts it in his room.  Don’t taunt the box Sam!  Soon their laptops, X Box, and watches start breaking and there are strange bugs all around the house.  Sam starts a blog talking about these occurrences and the fact that he is losing a lot of hair.  Ebay to the rescue again!

Jason Haxton, museum director at Truman State University, buys the box.  He is determined to find the cause of the maladies the previous owners have endured.  He forensically examines the box and finds nothing.  He is rewarded with more broken computers and broken light bulbs.  His staff begin getting sick being in the same room as the box so he takes it home.  He dreams of several hags that night that attack him and in the morning his eyes are blood read.  As Jason and his son are watching TV they notice a black mass that is floating across the room.  He decides to put the box in the cellar, but the paranormal hits just keep on coming.

As a last resort Jason contacts original owner Kevin.  Kevin returns to the home where he bought the box and an old woman, the cousin of the woman who owned the box, tells Kevin how the dybbuk box came to be.  In the 1940’s the women hold a séance and unleash something terrible.  They perform a Hebrew ritual to trap the demon in the box.  Kevin then contacts a Rabbi who helps to seal the box and it has been in a secret location for the past seven years.  There have been no more paranormal events…so far.

You know someone is bound to find this one day, then we'll have material for THE POSSESSION II!

The moral of this story?  Don’t buy any haunted objects!  But if you do, Ebay will probably save your ass.  Thanks for reading folks!  You can catch new episodes of PARANORMAL WITNESS Tuesday nights on Syfy.

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