TRULY DISTURBING HEADLINE: Birthday girl has throat slashed and runs for help while brother gets stabbed to death by home invader

A six-year-old boy has been killed and his 12-year-old sister left in critical condition on her birthday after their throats were slashed open by an intruder while they slept in their beds.

Police say the attacker broke into the children’s house in Camden, New Jersey, about 2.30am and stole into an upstairs bedroom, where he savaged the two children.

After she was attacked, Amber Andujorran through her neighborhood screaming for help – her throat cut open and bleeding profusely.

She was rushed to the hospital, where she was fighting for her life in critical condition on her birthday.

Her brother Dominick, six, died in the house.

Amber identified her attacker as ‘Popi,’ the son of a local preacher who is often seen playing with neighborhood children, NBC Philadelphia reported.

The man, in his earlier 20s, lives just a few doors down from the children.

Police arrested him Sunday evening after a massive city-wide manhunt.

Neighbors told the TV station that the man had a dispute with the children’s mother two months ago.

She was at a hospital for surgery on Sunday and was not home at the time of the attack.

The children’s 14-year-old sister was looking after them. She was asleep at the time. A third sister in the house was also uninjured.

After the attack, the girl ran out of the house and began pounding on doors, screaming for help

She banged on several doors until neighbor Nakyta McCray woke up and found her, barely alive.

‘I went to the house and saw her sitting there with her throat cut open and barely breathing,’ she told ABC Philadelphia

Even gravely injured, Amber was able to identify her attacker, authorities said.

Popi is a well-known figure in the neighborhood, who lives at the end of the block where the attack occurred.

Neighbors say he often gives children haircuts and is trusted by parents.

‘Everybody knows him. He’s on this block everyday; playing with the kids, talking to some of the adults. It’s very shocking,’ Ms McCray told CBS Philadelphia.

Even in Camden, a beleaguered city with the highest murder rate in the United States, this brutal attack shocked residents.

‘I can’t sleep. It could have been anybody’s child, not just her. My prayers go out to the family. I’m praying for her, I just hope that she makes it,’ Karina Mejia told ABC Philadelphia.

A makeshift memorial of flowers and teddy bears sprang up on the block where Dominick was murdered.

Dominick and his sisters spent much of the summer at the local community center, where he had breakfast and lunch and liked doing arts and crafts.

‘He had fun all summer. He liked to play; he liked to have fun; he liked football,’ Cynthia Pulliam, director of the center, told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

‘He was so much full of joy.’


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