Director Guy Ferland talks THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will be directed mainly by Guy Ferland. He talks about the new season below.

We have the full interview below for you to munch on(get it? Munch, zombies, eh, eh?)

How Season 3 compares to the other seasons that he’s also directed?

Ferland: There’s a little bit of first season peeking through this season. In the first season it seemed like everything we were doing was new and there was a lot of discussion about who was going to live and who was going to die and what kind of tone the show was going to take. This year the same thing was introducing Woodbury. We were always asking the same questions: How self-sufficient do we make it? What are the citizens like? What kind of power does the town have?

On the transition of zombie action from the script to in front of the camera.

Ferland: “There were a lot of instances this season where the zombie action was relentless but it wasn’t spelled out in the script specifically. It would be written [that] Rick and the others… dispatch the remaining walkers, so it’s my job to figure out what I wanted. Where is Daryl stabbing people once he’s shot his bow? I’m always looking for new ways to execute the zombie action and I think we’ve done a lot of shooting in heads, so I was trying to bring something different.”
Sounds pretty promising to us. One more question was asked and we have to say with Ferland’s answer, we are even more excited for season 3 then ever.

On what his personal directorial style brings to The Walking Dead
Ferland: “Well, I really like to reveal everything — reveal the zombies’ geography and reveal the choice of how to kill the zombie — all from the hero’s point of view. So if you follow Rick when he has to deal with a zombie, you’ll see I reveal it when Rick sees it. You want it to feel like a fun-house with lots of surprises.”
There’s a bit more in the Q&A session with Ferland over at AMC so be sure to hit the source link below to read the full transcript.

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