Video Games: Producer Glenn Gamble talks Activision’s THE WALKING DEAD

At GameCom 2012, producer Glenn Gamble was asked about the newly announced Walking Dead video game coming from Activision in 2013. Check out what he has to say below.


The game focuses on Daryl and Merle Dixon before they are introduced in the AMC  series. Some fans were not as excited as expected with the announcement. I have no idea why, but G4TV caught up with Glenn Gamble and he reassures the game will deliver.

While speaking a little bit about the Artificial Intelligence of the walkers in the game, they explain that even though these creatures have no minds, they still use a mechanic that allows the walkers to track you with scent, noise and sight. All these mechanics sound promising, so let’s hope that this game is able to deliver.

The game will be a first person shooter. More news as it develops.

Video thanks to G4TV.

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