Drive-In Review: ZOMBIE UNDEAD (2010)

Even slow zombies would moan “Can’t this film go by any faster?”



Directed by: Rhys Davies

Stars: Ruth King, Kris Tearse and Barry Thomas

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Format: DVD

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Distributed By: MVD Visual

Zombies are like no other monster in the lexicon that is horror. Think about it. As a race, we humans have taken over the world and everything that is dark or supernatural, we ultimately look for and find. We hunt for monsters and even have reality shows about it. Sort of dumb if you ask me.  Zombies on the other hand come to us. They search for food and stop at nothing (short of being shot in the head) to get it. Zombies scare me. There is no clever anecdote or joke to follow that sentence. It is the truth. Zombies could potentially be your mother, father, aunts, and uncles. They bring terror home on a truly personal level.

This is what poor Sarah (Ruth King) has to deal with at the very beginning of Zombie Undead. Her father has been bitten after a dirty bomb is set off in France that releases a plague of the undead on the city. Now Sarah must race to a hospital to try and save her dad. Unfortunately for Sarah, everyone else in the area is at this hospital as well and she blacks out from all the stress of the situation. Fast forward and we find Sarah searching a seemingly empty hospital for her father. Instead of her father she runs into Jay (Kris Tearse) and together they search the hospital and find more than what they expected. Of course I refer to Zombies.

Now for the good stuff.

Drive-In Totals


Too Many Dead Bodies to Count


Feeding Frenzy

Colostomy Bag Smashing

Leg Snapping

Face Peeling

Stake Fu

Knife Fu

Machete Fu

Adrenaline Needle Fu

Flashlight Fu

And a guy that when bitten sounds like a tea pot boiling.

There are no special features to this film whatsoever. It is extremely low budget and the editing is clunky. For the most part the film has a nice pace but out of nowhere it turns to a crawl with literally nothing happening other than the survivors waiting for an elevator to arrive. No danger, no frightening jump scare when the elevator arrives. Nothing. The film also is far-fetched in the fact that a character breaks her leg, gets it set, then walks on it totally fine for the rest of the film. What the hell, man, are we supposed to believe this? Yet we are talking about a zombie film so I suppose I will let that slide.

Zombie Undead is a film that zombie  fans will not really enjoy. I found myself yawning more than cringing. The film does get the isolation factor down but that is about it. One funny point though is that a certain zombie is wearing The Smith’s shirt for the album “Meat Is Murder.” I got a little chuckle from this but again it was just a chuckle.

If you want a film that takes the zombie genre and tells a typical story, then Zombie Undead is for you. If, on the other hand, you want something fresh and truly scary…you might want to pass this one up.



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