Rumor: John Travolta could be in THE TOXIC AVENGER remake

That is a headline I thought I would never write. Travolta is up for an undisclosed role. Read on for more.

According to industry tracking website It’s On The Grid, John Travolta has been attached to the Steve Pink directed reboot of Lloyd Kaufman’s The Toxic Avenger. There is no word on which character he would play, but my guess is it will be yet another villain and not Toxie himself.

Steve Pink(Hot Tub Time Machine) has been attached to direct since early 2010. We have gotten little to no word on the remake but now it seems as if the ball is starting to roll.

We contacted Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman about this and have yet to get a response.

For those not cool enough to know, The Toxic Avenger was the first film released by Troma Pictures back in 1984.  The film was about a mop-wielding radioactive superhero who deals out violent justice to a bunch of polluters in Jersey. Thefilm spawned 2 sequels, a kid’s cartoon series. and various comic book spin-offs.

Could this be a awesome call to have Travolta in the flick or a “What the fuck were you thinking” moment? Time will tell.

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