When Evil Grows: Shane Cole Returns With THE FACE GARDEN

Shane Cole, the visionary behind such films like The Mutilation Man, Everyday Joe and Visions of Horror has a new horror/thriller project in the works.  And we have the promo trailer.  Read on for the details.

The Face Garden is the latest tale from the creative mind of David Fite.  And even though it’s still a future project, thus still in the works, this trailer certainly leaves us wanting more.  Shane Cole is set to direct.

Synopsis: Since his mom’s death, 16-year old Andrew has repeatedly gotten into trouble at school.  The principal, while sympathetic, has no choice but to expel him.  Andrew’s dad Peter arranges for the boy to spend a week on a farm owned by a trusted friend Galen – Peter’s former shop teacher.  Peter’s hope is that by sending Andrew away for awhile he’ll be able to clear his mind and start thinking of things beyond himself.  But Peter’s trusted old friend has been living a dual life…


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