Those crazy folks behind DEADHEADS are back with the short SMUSH plus news on other projects

The writing and directing team of Brett and Drew Pierce are back for more. We couldn’t be happier! Deadheads blew people away and now we have news on a few other projects from the Frobro Films crew. Check it out below.

We love the folks at FroBro Films. They get zombies, they get horror, and more importantly they get zombies. Now we have some news on their next efforts.

SMUSH! is a short horror-comedy starring Markus Taylor (Deadheads), Travis Betz (Lo, The Dead Inside), Greg Dow (DeadHeads), and newcomer, 7-year-old Georgia Rose Matlack (Horror House) will get its world premiere screening at the 13th annual FILM4 FrightFest in the UK on Saturday August 25th.

Smush! is a prequel to DeadHeads that tells the tale of a little girl left home alone during a zombie outbreak who makes unlikely friends with a flesh-starved intruder.  It features fan-favorite zombie, Cheese, in an early misadventure.

“We were homesick for DeadHeads. We missed the crew, the cast, and the characters so we got the old team together, went out in the woods, and got the cops called on us for old times sake. There’s nothing more fun than making movies,” says Brett Pierce, one half of the writer-director brother duo.

Drew Pierce, explains the creative choice behind the short:  “We always wanted to spin more DeadHeads’s stories about Cheese. His character brings a great simplicity to storytelling and we’re excited to put the focus on him. Cheese was the obvious choice to center the short around. He’s a big lovable zombie that can smash you to a pulp when he gets angry, what’s not to like?”

The FroBros have two upcoming features on their plate for 2013-2014.

They have been writing the Fantasy Adventure/Comedy Trilogy, Dorks & Dice described as Lord of The Rings meets The Goonies.

The second feature they will tackle will be All Hallows.  It has been said by the Pierce brothers that the film will reinvent and change the way you see Halloween and Witches.


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