Truly Disturbing Headline: Bride to be stabs fiancé in heart hours before wedding was to start


The mugshot of the bride-to-be who fatally stabbed her fiancé twice in the heart just hours before they were due to get married has been released two days after she killed her would-be husband.   

Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, appears dishevelled and her eyes were still red by the time she was photographed at the Whitehall Township police station in Pennsylvania following the attack.

She has been charged with criminal homicide after twice stabbing Billy Rafael Brewster, 36, after they began arguing in the early hours of Saturday morning, police report.  

Franklin allegedly attacked Brewster in the apartment they shared with three children in eastern Pennsylvania.

Police say they found Brewster bleeding from his chest shortly after 2am Saturday.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that Franklin was only stopped after her would-be cousin tackled her, knocked the blood-stained kitchen knife out of her hand and stopped her from stabbing her fiancé.

Brewster’s cousin Nakia Kali and his wife Monique travelled to Whitehall Township from out of town for the wedding- which was scheduled for 10am Saturday morning- and were staying in the apartment that Brewster and Franklin shared with three children.

At the time of the attack, four children were in the apartment but their names, ages, and relationships to the couple remains undisclosed.

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